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Search results

  1. 4th Gear Slip

    I have the Phearable Tune and on level 3 I feel slip in 4th gear. I'm assuming it is the clutch slipping, but it's odd that it is just 4th gear. Is this foreshadowing the need for an HPD 4th gear?
  2. Any Aftermarket Turbos

    Will any of the 10th Gen turbos fit the 11th Gen?
  3. Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Will the previous gen inlet pipe work on our cars? Like this: https://prlmotorsports.com/products/2016-honda-civic-1-5t-turbocharger-inlet-pipe-kit
  4. Manual Cars - Way to engage Parking Brake Automatically?

    I have a 2022 Si. The electronic parking brake seems useless to me if there is no way to configure it to engage automatically, when say turning off the vehicle. All the vehicles I had prior to this with an electronic parking brake allowed for you to enable it or disable it upon turning off the...
  5. What spoiler is this?

    Is this the HPD hatch spoiler on a sedan?
  6. HKS Exhaust available?

    Saw this on YouTube, but it looks like it is only 50mm piping until it splits. https://www.hksthailand.com/ckfinder/userfiles/files/P31013-ZH011_Civic%20FE%20Turbo_LM.jpg