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Search results

  1. 1.5T PRL FMIC Install

    Installed my PRL FMIC today. Install was pretty straight forward. About a 2 hour job taking your time. Beautiful peace. Temps are already lower.
  2. PRL HV Downpipe and Front Pipe install in 2022 Civic Sport Touring

    Thanks to Axion Industries and PRL Motorsports. Parts fit perfect. Hit up Axion ? https://stores.axionind.com/2022-honda-civic-11th/

    Morning fellow 11th gen owners. For all you people who tune their 1.5T's I would like to share my experience with the TSP Stage 1 tune. I have to say from a customer service and performance aspect I would highly recommend this fairly cheap mod. I believe its about $149 now. I've had it for over...
  4. 2022 Civic Sport Touring on Eibach Sportlines

    Think I might be the first on Eibach’s. Drop is perfect for me and even front and back.
  5. Project "Wednesday" Murdered Out 2022 Civic Sport Touring

    I wanted to share my build and experience with my 11th gen and Honda’s In general. I call it “Wednesday” after Wednesday Adams since it is dark and up to no good ?. I bought my Civic a little more than a month ago and the modifications started fairly quickly. Within about 2 days of ownership I...
  6. TSP Stage 1 1.5T Non Si tune

    Just flashed to it from the Starter 21. Will keep you all posted on how it performs. Looking forward to testing it out.
  7. KTuner Starter 21 Dual Tune Stage 2 -- 0-60 1/4 mile Dragy (2022 Civic Sport Touring CVT)

    So for everyone who was disappointed with the 11th gens performance I would highly suggest a KTuner to bring up the fun factor. This is a OTS tune with a PRL Stage 1 intake. $750 of go fast parts. Dragy results from 2022 Civic Sport Touring CVT