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Search results

  1. New Jersey '22 Civic SI Blaze Orange For sale

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my Civic SI. Due to knee problems, I am having problems driving a manual as my Daily. Car has been babied and daily driven to and from work (20 miles each way) I've owned a 17 SI, 2019 Civic Sport Coupe, and then a '22 Civic SI. I waited 6 months for this...
  2. Crazy Backfire

    Hey Fellow Civic Owners, I'm based here in New Jersey and I'm one of the few 11th gen owners. With there still being a low # of other 11th gen owners, I have yet to come across another 2022 SI owner so I can exchange #s and meet up. Anyways, I pulled on to a highway with traffic, so i was...
  3. 10PSI Boost Normal?

    Hey guys. Just did some spirited driving and I realized That my 2022 SI's boost is capping at 10PSI. I came from a 17 SI which easily went up to 15 PSI all times of the year. Could it still be in the break in period? Here is what the driving conditions looked like: Outside Temp 20-40 F went...
  4. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    Hey Guys, I'm selling my PRL Downpipe. I purchased it and installed for about 7 days and i'm honestly not a fan. I am selling for $290 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Central Jersey Area / Pennsylvania. Part will come with PRL Gasket Please PM me, looking for a quick sale Thanks!