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Search results

  1. California NEW PRL front pipe in CA

    Decided not to install . Fits any 1.5L turbo civic picup local in SoCal or I can ship
  2. Downpipes for ‘22 Si

    Who has them…seems PRL is all out….
  3. ‘22 Si with just a front pipe?

    Anyone do this yet ? Just their front pipe. I did that on my 10th and was like that till Greddy exhaust and on the older model it opened it up and soundded better. Wondering if anyone here just did the larger 3” front pipe and evaluated. Thx
  4. Civic Si Wheels in SoCal. OEM

    Have a set of 4 wheels off a 2018 Si that i dont need anymore. Asking 550 for 4. Pickup in SoCal. SD Area. This is price for 4 wheels only, no tires.