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  1. New Civic Si Sport spotted (pic)

    At these the F-Sport Lexus plate matches the red emblems.
  2. 4th Gear Slip

    I have the Phearable Tune and on level 3 I feel slip in 4th gear. I'm assuming it is the clutch slipping, but it's odd that it is just 4th gear. Is this foreshadowing the need for an HPD 4th gear?
  3. Driver's Side Door Weatherstrip is Distorted -- New Service article released for ALL 2022 Civic. (FYI)

    I always noticed that and thought it looked intentional. Good to know and quite clever of them.
  4. K&N new intake

    How do you know it is poorly engineered? Did you test it? It’s a basic intake. It will have no noticeable impact. It’s not being paired with an upgraded turbo, and even if it was it would be tuned for. Man, it’s been 20 years since I’ve been on a Honda forum. I forgot what it was like arguing...
  5. K&N new intake

    Lol, is this a race car? A dirty filter or bad gas would cause more issues. What your speaking is nonsense unless you were significantly more horsepower. Though it seems people on this forum think significant is 5hp.
  6. K&N new intake

    Yea, it’s not going to make any difference on this car. Everyone talking like the car is running 13:1 compression and 68 pounds of boost. It’s an intake and it is nice to have options in the market.
  7. K&N new intake

    According to PRL the MAF size is not an issue on the 11th Gen like it was with the 10th Gen: We have discussed the possibility of a larger "Race MAF Housing" option, but have not officially decided on which direction we plan to go. Considering the 11th Gen L15CA uses a Hertz-based MAF sensor...
  8. Any Aftermarket Turbos

    Will any of the 10th Gen turbos fit the 11th Gen?
  9. Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Will the previous gen inlet pipe work on our cars? Like this: https://prlmotorsports.com/products/2016-honda-civic-1-5t-turbocharger-inlet-pipe-kit
  10. Aftermarket Exhaust in Ny illegal ?

    Yes, an exhaust has nothing to do with emissions testing, in fact the place I get my car inspected put it on. Exhaust Db level and emissions are not the same.
  11. What did you do to your CivicXI today??

    Installed the KTuner with the Phearable race tune.
  12. Aftermarket Exhaust in Ny illegal ?

    I’ve had no issues buying exhausts in New York. The fines are real, but they are going after aggravating people with pop and bang tunes like a lot of the BMWs do. If you are cruising around with a decent aftermarket exhaust, it’s not really loud enough (on this car at least) to draw enough...
  13. How to buy Civic SI for MSRP?

    Just go to one dealer that has not too high of a markup, put a deposit down (make sure it is refundable), have them write you up with the paperwork showing you agreed to out the door value less tax (include delivery, plates, etc). Then take that paper to another dealer and have them beat it by...
  14. Phearable releases 11th Gen Civic Si Stage 1.5 Race tunes for KTuner and Hondata

    Got the Phearable Tune loaded today with the KTuner 1.2. No way stock clutch is lasting long! I've only stepped on it in 2nd and 3rd and car smelled of clutch when I got out! It is a very smooth tune, actually feels less dramatic than stock , but pulls like an animal in 3rd. Quick question. I...
  15. 2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T High Volume Intake System Development

    Most important question. How's it sound? Also, will you be releasing a larger MAF housing for your inevitable big turbo upgrade? Also, any ETA on when we can see a larger turbo upgrade available?
  16. K&N new intake

    But this one has not yet been measured, so it is a bit presumptuous to say it is not the right size. If I get it, I will have it measured to confirm.
  17. K&N new intake

    How do you know the K&N one is not the same size as stock?