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  1. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    It would be rad to have a big CTR meet. Has that kind of thing happened before? Maybe all the west coasters can meet down in Vegas at @[email protected] ……
  2. Drift King and the 2023 Civic Type R

    agreed, definitely handing this down to my 5 year olds…
  3. MSRP Only Dealerships For 2023 Civic Type R

    My dealer has this on their email signature, I'm definitely going to leverage this hard even though I signed up for $5k over...
  4. Best Factory Color - 2023 FL5 Type R 📸Updated Pics📸

    Guess we have to wait on the aftermarket 🤷‍♂️
  5. Best Factory Color - 2023 FL5 Type R 📸Updated Pics📸

    Is anyone else annoyed af about how the brake light doesn’t go all the way across the top of the taillights? I’ve seen it in person a bunch in my area and the light looks incomplete while braking…
  6. Type R owner age?

    Locked in at $5k above MSRP, but my dealer sold me the Si at MSRP, so I’m thinking I’ll leverage the trade-in, repeat business, and agree to buy some accessories and maybe extended warranty instead of paying $5k for nothing, hope they go for it 🤷‍♂️
  7. Type R owner age?

    I’ll be 38 in a week. FL5 seems like the perfect car for people our age. Best FWD car in the world, family friendly, and likely right around $40k… how do you beat that?! I’m first on the list at my dealer, albeit a smallish one, but my hope is to trade my 22’ Si (an amazing vehicle itself)...
  8. In the Mood for Love - FL5 Colors Mockups: Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Yellow

    What color silver is this? Need to get this wrap done asap if I can get the car 🤩
  9. What are you willing to pay for an 11th gen Type R?

    I bought a used Accord with you guys about 4-5 years ago, great experience, glad you all are doing it right. I do like the idea of having a Honda history though...
  10. Backup plans - what's yours?

    Yeah I don’t mind the extra for SGP if they get it for me. I saw in another thread it may be the only color with extra charge.
  11. Backup plans - what's yours?

    Based on the price increase I saw for Japan, it seems like MSRP should be $39,999 in the US. I don’t really want to pay more than that… If I dumped $12k into my Si it’d be pretty rad in its own right so if Honda goes above $40k I may back out. It is hard tho I’ve been drooling over this car...
  12. Backup plans - what's yours?

    I agreed with my dealer in writing to pay $5k over but they are all over the place. They wrote and scratched out $2k over MSRP and multiple times wouldn’t commit to anything under $5k over but seemed at least willing to deal. However, I bought my 22 Si from them at MSRP. So my plan is to go...
  13. vs GR Corolla

    The triple exhaust is fugly on this thing.
  14. 🙏🏻 📸 Boost Blue Pearl and Sonic Gray Pearl FL5 Civic Type R spotted on transport!

    Ahh, the flag... white on red. It is all coming together now. Well my 2 color choices with my dealer are CW and SGP. I guess if I was going to leave the red emblems on any color it would be CW. Maybe I would change it to red background with a black "H" since I really don't care for chrome...
  15. 🙏🏻 📸 Boost Blue Pearl and Sonic Gray Pearl FL5 Civic Type R spotted on transport!

    Well damn. This changes things…. I don’t want to be a blasphemer.
  16. 🙏🏻 📸 Boost Blue Pearl and Sonic Gray Pearl FL5 Civic Type R spotted on transport!

    Is it taboo in this community to want to take off the red and chrome emblems on a Type R? I know there’s some tradition there but I don’t think it looks good on any of the colors. I have a SGP Si and if my dealer can get me a SGP FL5 I’m definitely going with black badging and my custom front...
  17. FL5 and FK8 Civic Type R Comparison Side-by-Side Look

    I don't know about you guys but I'm for sure paint matching the spoiler. I'll leave the legs black but I just can't reconcile the wing being black. That and the upper mirror caps... I'd really prefer to delete the spoiler but doesn't seem like there's a good way to deal with the holes in a...