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  1. US Type-R Delivery Date Guesses

    Car arrivals and shipping has been horrendous. Regular Civic Hatchbacks, coming out of Canada have recently been taking 6-7 weeks in most cases. Cars coming from Japan have traditionally taken 2 months to get to Boston. Imagine what it’ll be now? 10 weeks? 12 weeks? Usually once there is a VIN...
  2. The FL5 Dealer ADM Markup Thread

    This isn’t really a markup comment so to say, well it kind of is, with the prices of used cars where they’re at, manufacturers are selling their cars at auction and are getting over Msrp or adjusted market value prices, aren’t they in turn getting the markup as well? These include executive...
  3. Civic Si discontinued?

    Still exists. 2023 Available in all the same colors as the 2022. Only difference will be it’s not available with HPT or “Summer Tires” Dealers haven’t ordered any 2023 Civic yet. Expecting they will get ordered this month.
  4. ....

    Civic Si are still selling $8-$10k over MSRP, so $36,000. My guess on the 2023 MSRP north of $40k…. $41,000? $42,000? When the first Type R came out in 2017, MSRP was right around $34,000. 2021, it was $39,000. Not crazy to think of $10k-$15k over list. Just look at what used are selling for...
  5. 2023 Civic Type R Full Reveal Coming July 20!

    5 colors available. Crystal Black, Boost Blue, Sonic Gray, Rallye Red, Championship White.
  6. 2023 Civic Type R Prototype Makes U.S. Public Debut at Honda Indy 200

    2023 Type R will be in 5 colors. No new colors. Crystal Black, Boost Blue, Sonic Gray, Rallye Red, Championship White.
  7. First Photo

    First Photo

  8. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    Well, it does have red seats, so you can look past the drop in power...