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Search results

  1. Any UK people on here?

    I'm really looking forward to this version. Highly doubt it will be £50k. Been watching endless YouTubsles on the car. I think I've started to learn Japanese 😂😂
  2. Any UK people on here?

    I did ask about price. They mentioned nothing from Honda confirmed but said should be around the £40k mark
  3. Any UK people on here?

    Went to the FL1 launch event. Had a test drive, unaccompanied for about 20mins. Very nice to drive. Cabin good. Great drive and handling. Very responsive throttle. If this is anything to go by, the Type R going to be awesome!!!!!!!! Crown Honda also offered champagne and we had Lola scones...
  4. Any UK people on here?

    £50k!!!!!!! Surely not.
  5. Any UK people on here?

    Is this the type R launch? I'm going this Saturday to the civic launch at Honda Hendon.
  6. Any UK people on here?

    Lucky.. Chiswick Honda when I called said they had 40 deposits now
  7. Any UK people on here?

    Not deposit but a reservation fee refundable of £500. They mentioned when the order book opens (which is supposed to be soon) they will place the order. I'm like 2nd on their list and mentioned highly likely to get one on the first batch they receive.
  8. Any UK people on here?

    Greetings Seem alot of posts from the US and Japan. Where the UK people at? I'm eagerly awaiting my delivery of a Type R in CW (though this colour might change!!!) Based in London. Will be my first Type R. Loved the integra type R when I saw it on the roads many moons ago. I'm placed my...
  9. Looks like US Civic Type R FL5 versions are on their way to shipping...

    Wow. Any idea when we will get them over in the UK? I'm at a civic event at Honda dealership this Saturday. Hoping they suprise me with a demo type r :)
  10. Type R owner age?

    I'm going to be 47. Have had multiple sports cars over the years. Love the styling of the FL5, the practicality and hope to have this car that I will cherish for a long time. Ticks all boxes. Loved the integra type r I spotted when younger and this reminds me of it.
  11. Best Factory Color - 2023 FL5 Type R 📸Updated Pics📸

    I'm so liking the black. Currently have CW on order with dealer. This is my first type r. Feels abit weird like injustice not have a type r in CW. Is it because the first type r was white and this colour is what honda associate the type r with really?
  12. FL5 Europe availability

    Yeah forgot we not in Europe!
  13. FL5 Europe availability

    My dealer in UK said 15th/16th September order book may open up for them to order the car with our colour preference. That date is also when the new civic supposed to hit their showrooms too. I've had no mention of price but thinking (hoping) under the £40k mark. Think we also getting 326bhp.
  14. What are you willing to pay for an 11th gen Type R?

    I feel so lucky being in the UK. No authorized dealers add a markup. Not sure they are even allowed to do that here.
  15. Best Factory Color - 2023 FL5 Type R 📸Updated Pics📸

    Needs adding to page 8. From another post on this forum
  16. 🙏🏻 📸 Boost Blue Pearl and Sonic Gray Pearl FL5 Civic Type R spotted on transport!

    Oh man that grey looks good. Never considered grey but from these pics looks amazing!
  17. Championship White 2023 Civic Type R FL5 in beautiful new photos

    Every single day I'm looking for more videos, images of this car. The wait is killing me 😂
  18. Crystal Black Pearl FL5 2023 Civic Type R looks 🔥

    This looks amazing. Have CW on order but seriously thinking of changing