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Search results

  1. 🍿 The Ultimate Detour (A short film by Honda) Featuring Civic Type R and F1 Champ Max Verstappen

    Cliché as it may be, when he hit +R Mode, all I could think was...... "Too Soon Junior."
  2. vs GR Corolla

    Agreed....definitely not complaining.
  3. vs GR Corolla

    A GRC parked next to our FK8 would be my ideal....had to go with an Corolla XSE HB due to the fact it was available the little lady doesn't and won't drive a manual.
  4. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Ditto. I got my '19 FK8 for $33,500 with 6,400 miles three weeks before the 'VID was officially declared, so I'm a little biased towards him, but definitely looking forward to seeing an FL5 in person, and excited for everyone here that has their name on a list for one.