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Search results

  1. Any UK people on here?

    I had a test drive of i20N in March, very boring interior design, ugly rear view, and feels quite bumpy because there is no adaptive suspension. Also the sales guy said if I ordered one, I'll wait until November to get one.
  2. Any UK people on here?

    No way it's £50k. It will lose the market if they decided so. £50k has so many other options.
  3. Any UK people on here?

    I placed a £500 deposit in Chiswick Honda early in this Feburary, AFAIK, orders are not open yet.
  4. FL5 Civic Type R Renderings (Different Colors + Wheels)

    Could you do a black rendering as well? Thanks!
  5. 2023 Civic Type R colors list leaked! 🎨

    "Crystal Black Pearl" is probably my choice because it's aligned with the interior, without introducing new colors. The only problem is that it'll be hard to see the vents. I might consider white as well.
  6. Limited production for New Type R? "Hundreds not thousands" according to UK article

    I'm based in London, joined the wait list in my local dealer this Feburary. Checked with the dealer today, they have no information so far.
  7. Official: 2023 Civic Type R To Be Revealed In June

    I wonder what extra details we can get with the disguise off.
  8. Latest Type-R rumor: over 330 HP

    Total nonsense, he even said the wheel is 20 inch, but it's actually 19 inch.
  9. Video: 2023 Civic Type R's in action @ Honda "Thanks Day" in Japan

    I think it's more for a show rather than an actual racing result, JMHO.
  10. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Last week, I put down a refundable £500 deposite in a dealer based in London.