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  1. Looks like US Civic Type R FL5 versions are on their way to shipping...

    I logged in here at work just so I could give you the 😍 emoticon. edit: (Sorry it's gone, but I'm sure bigger and better things are coming your way...)
  2. Expect less FL5’s

    Good thing I love my current Civic. Appears I'm not getting an FL5 for a very, very long time. I'm okay with it. Cheers!
  3. HPD spoiler INSTALL on 2022 CIVIC HATCHBACK - DIY writeup & pics

    Random long-shot question, but do we have any idea if these would fit a 10th gen hatch? Would someone mind measuring the width of the stands and/or the holes that need to be drilled? Or better yet if someone has an uninstalled wing and could set it on a 10th hatch. Thinking of ordering a...
  4. Best Factory Color - 2023 FL5 Type R 📸Updated Pics📸

    I said I would never buy a black car, but it's the only color that wing looks good on. Otherwise, I'll be forced to pay even more $$$ to have it color matched. I guess I'd be able to use my wife's favorite expression against her.... "It's only money honey, can't take it to the grave!"
  5. What are you willing to pay for an 11th gen Type R?

    What I don't understand is.... why doesn't Honda just price this car at 60k and pocket all the profits themselves? Since supply is so limited, people will still buy them. Dealers can suck it.
  6. Backup plans - what's yours?

    My backup plan is to keep driving this👇 for another 2-3 years until everything settles down and I can hopefully get a ~2025 around MSRP.
  7. Crystal Black Pearl FL5 2023 Civic Type R looks 🔥

    Most likely pre-production. Man that looks beautiful, but I have a gravel driveway and that'd be a bitch to keep clean. My california car duster would get a workout!
  8. Best Factory Color - 2023 FL5 Type R 📸Updated Pics📸

    I'll only purchase one if I can get mine in SGP or Red. ...or CW, BB, or CBP. :)
  9. 2023 Civic Type R Parked up in Championship White (California)

    Could you please explain. How is making the track wider a bad thing? Honest question, thanks.
  10. 2023 Civic Type R Parked up in Championship White (California)

    I'll throw on some 20mm wheel spacers and maybe some lowering springs. You see that ww gap? I know it's not a great angle, but yikes.
  11. USDM 2023 Civic Type R to Feature Glossy Seat Backs

    A little wet sanding will take the gloss right off them. They could be permanently matte in about 5-10 mins if that's what you prefer.
  12. RHD FL5 Civic Type R (Sonic Grey) spotted w/ full Modulo parts & OEM Honda Accessories!

    Yeah, but who needs to pay all that extra money to add the valves. It sounds beautiful opened up. I would never close them.
  13. 2022 Civic Si has matured with me

    Great story. Similar to mine and probably a lot of guys here.... coupe to sedan, or in my case hatchback. I know these 1.5's don't have the same character, but with even a modest tune, the power and pull of the turbo will make you forget all about those classic si engines.
  14. Type R style bumper on Civic sedan

    Type R badge on a non Type R. :popcorn: I do like how they wrapped the nose around the front badge. That has to be the ugliest design element of the car, and this disguises it nicely.
  15. RHD FL5 Civic Type R (Sonic Grey) spotted w/ full Modulo parts & OEM Honda Accessories!

    I own a SGP hatch. I was never a real fan of the color until I owned one. Now I love it, so I'm absolutely DIGGING these pics. OMG! #drool
  16. OFFICIAL: 2023 Civic Type R Reveal Photos, Wallpapers & Videos

    Looks so much better than the EN. I have no idea why they f*cked the nose up like that.
  17. ProDrager Exhaust System for 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic + Sound Clip

    The facebook video (black car) seems to have pops and bangs (a la elantra N) but the other vids posted sound like most other civic exhausts... kinda tame. How did you achieve the sound from the facebook vid? Aftermarket downpipe?
  18. 2023 Civic Type R On Road Sighting in Rallye Red (@ Torrance, CA)

    I'm digging the body colored wing. I crudely photoshopped it to be a bit lower, and added flush wheel spacers. It's GT4 porsche-ish.