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  1. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    This isn't a change. The FK8 engines were built at the Anna plant and shipped to Swindon. As you said, this is normal Honda operation.
  2. Looks like US Civic Type R FL5 versions are on their way to shipping...

    I forgot about Aegean after BBP came out. You're right. I've never seen one.
  3. Looks like US Civic Type R FL5 versions are on their way to shipping...

    Red was hard to find on the FK8. I'm quite sure it was the rarest color. I'd expect the FL5 not to have very many reds, either.
  4. Backup plans - what's yours?

    I agree that the 10AT would be a good option in this car (or even the CTR). My wife has the 10AT in her 2.0T Accord. That trans would need a couple of things for a more 'sporty' car. First, the shifts need to speed up in paddle-shifter mode. They're not awful now, but if it's going to compete...
  5. FL5 and FK8 Civic Type R Comparison Side-by-Side Look

    I wondered about that. I can't tell if the FL-5 is that much smaller or if it was just the camera angle.
  6. FL5 and FK8 Civic Type R Comparison Side-by-Side Look

    One thing that stuck me is that the FL-5 looks like the exterior will be much cheaper to produce (and fix) than the FK8. The rear, especially, has many fewer parts on the FL-5. Maybe Honda can hold the line on MSRP with some of the possible savings. (Or maybe they can spend some of the savings...
  7. 316 HP / 310 lb-ft Power Figures Leaked For FL5 2023 Civic Type! (via Brochure)

    Well, in the US at least, there will be "Honda's Price", which will not be the same thing as "The Price." Whatever the price, I don't expect these to be very available until at least late-2023, if then. Unless the economy totally tanks, that is.
  8. Type R owner age?

    75 a month ago. My wife likes the ride better than she did the Subaru WRX I had.
  9. (2) 2023 Civic Type Rs Sandwich DC2 Integra

    At a light last week a 1960-something Mini Cooper was next to a modern Mini. It looked like a car with its baby brother.
  10. Latest Type-R rumor: over 330 HP

    I don't know how believable this is but, ... New Turbocharged Honda Civic Type R To Get Over 330-Hp One thing that makes me wonder is where the author says "... get a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder VTEC gasoline engine generating at least 330-hp (a 10hp increase over the outgoing model) ".
  11. Si seems impossible to find at dealers?

    They've never, even in past years, been very available. My wife has had two and in both cases she had a hard time finding one.
  12. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    Two years ago my wife gave her 2013 Civic Si to our grandson. He still has it. It now has about 75,000 miles. Just out of curiosity I looked on Carvana today to see what they're asking for that 8 year old car. I found one at $20,590 with 69,000 and another with 95,000 at $18,990. That car cost...
  13. $15k price markup on 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring!

    My local dealer sent me an e-mail saying he had a Boost Blue Hatchback Touring. (I mentioned to him a while ago that I might want one.) He says he's asking MSRP (around $30.5K) for it, but nothing's sure until you sign.
  14. 2022 Civic Si production begins 10/30!

    I, along with a number of other Type R owners, have been asking Honda to allow the +R settings (throttle, steering, suspension, etc.) to be adjusted separately. Maybe this will lead to the new Type R having that feature.
  15. ? First Video of 2023 Civic Type R Track Testing at Nurburgring!

    The exhaust looks quite different. Still three pipes, but the large pipe is now in the middle with two smaller ones on the left and right. The FK8 has the larger ones on the left and right with a smaller middle pipe. The hood 'scoop' looks like an air extractor. That's different from the FK8...
  16. This can’t be right?!?!? ? Automatic Type R??

    I have a 2021 Type R and a 2018 2.0 T Accord 10 AT. The Type R might be able to beat the Accord in a launch, but it would be close, even with only 252 HP and all-season tires in the Accord. If you took the 10AT, added an LSD, and tightened up the shifts, it would make a killer Type R option. In...
  17. 2023 Civic Type R Official Teaser From Honda!! "Ready for Nurburgring Testing."

    The whole rear wing, vortex generator, flap arrangement looks much better, not to mention easier to clean. I suspect there is a hood scoop, but the pictures make it hard to see. Overall, it looks less cluttered than the current version. I think I like it.
  18. Report: Manual Transmission Coming For 11th-Gen Civic Si, Type R, and Hatch

    I'd like to see a CTR with the 10-speed Auto from the current Accord. If they'd tighten up the shifts (make them quicker) that could be a fun car, especially in city areas. With that transmission and an LSD, it would be quick, too.