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Search results

  1. What Mpg you getting?

    30mpg's on average with a little spirited driving daily.
  2. New Here. Here's my 2022 Si build after 3 months of mods

    I'm going to need more pictures of such mod's.
  3. OFFICIAL: 2023 Civic Type R Reveal Photos, Wallpapers & Videos

    Shift knob looks just like the one in my 20 Si coupe. I was hoping for something new, however it's a nice knob.
  4. What spoiler is this?

    Appears to be the hatches HPD spoiler.
  5. Official AEGEAN BLUE 2022+ 11th Gen Civic & Si Thread

    Why does it seem like everyone hates the Aegean Blue?
  6. Sport Tein H springs installed

    Jesus I can't wait to get mine and start modification! Nice work.
  7. New SGP Touring Mods

    Damn, I just noticed the carbon trim on around the vents. Couldn't have been 30min ago I said I was going to look for that. You've done a great job.
  8. PRL HV Downpipe and Front Pipe install in 2022 Civic Sport Touring

    Nah, don't paint it black, just pick up a knock off of the 23 CTR on Amazon / Ebay.
  9. New SGP Touring Mods

    Nice, only thing I would do is. Put some stickers on the brake covers.
  10. Sonic Gray 11th Gen Civic Photoshoot with aftermarket goodies!

    Really nice, looks like there is a lot of camber. on the D2's.
  11. Official RALLYE RED 2022+ 11th Gen Civic & Si Thread

    It just amazes me that so much is already available for this car so soon, especially at the reasonable prices I've seen!
  12. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    Not to mention, you can add or remove whatever it is to YOUR car whenever you want too.
  13. Thailand 2022 Civic RS mod's

    Wherever this is should make everyone in North America mad.
  14. Thailand 2022 Civic RS mod's

    Has anyone else seen the numerous exterior, exhaust, brake, lowering, and wheel tire modifications the Thai shops have available? I'm sure shipping is crazy slow and expensive. It's just crazy to see how slow things move around here sometimes.
  15. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    The very first thing this article states, " Test numbers are kind of our thing here at MotorTrend. We've been recording new-car performance metrics longer than anyone else, and the ever-expanding pile of data is a cornerstone of our brand. That said, we're going to ask you not to overly concern...
  16. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    After reading the MT story and seeing all the other reviews that have come out so far. I have to say, I believe the MT piece is just a lets get a jump on everyone else and put something out. I don't see a reason for Hondata / Ososik to lie, but I do see a reason for period mags to. MT sited...
  17. 2022 Civic Gard Body Kit

    The mods for this car are going to be off the charts!
  18. How would you fix the 2022 Civic Si?

    Plan is simple, Aegean Blue Si w/ HPD front spoilers, rear defuser, summer tires, splash guards, fog lights, black painted roof, tint, led turns and b/u lights, badge delete, lowered, Venom 43 wheels and the 23 CTR hood. From the pictures, looks like this should be a direct fit unlike the 10th...