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  1. Transmission fluid change

    Did they give you a hard time about it? I'm having the car play/android auto issue with mine and you'd think I'm asking them to hand me the whole dealership over, meanwhile I'm just asking them to look into it. I can't imagine what they'd do if my transmission needed to be replaced.
  2. Climate Control Settings - heat automatically turns on to max

    Hey everyone, When I turn the heat on in my car in the morning, regardless of which climate control mode/setting I chose (upper air flow, lower air flow, front windshield defrost), or which mode it was in the last time the car was on, it automatically turns it on to max. And then when I turn...
  3. Transmission fluid change

    Damn! That's not good. Did they tell you what was wrong? What was the process like?
  4. Just hit 555 miles!! How many miles do you have??

    Congrats! I'm almost at 4k miles and I've had my Civic for almost three months (Aug 1st). Though I put over a thousand miles in the first six days. The moment I got the car, I went on a long drive just to try it on every kind of a road, I put 200 miles on mine the first day I owned it.
  5. Transmission fluid change

    They had to replace the transmission or the change the transmission fluid?
  6. How to refill wiper blade

    Honest question, Does College Hills Honda always have these sales or are they one of those places who inflate the prices but make it look like they're having a sale? I've seen a bunch of people posting links to their website since the 11th gen went on sale.
  7. Insane market value adjustments everywhere

    Freedom, baby, why else? joking aside, as long as there are people willing to pay for these markups, why not? When I sold my 2010 Civic a couple of months ago, I honestly didn't think I'd get more than $2,000 for it, because of the high mileage, bad paint, multiple accidents, and on and on...
  8. 2022 Civic vs 2018-2020 Honda Accord

    Well, you are on a forum that is dedicated to Honda Civics, so we're all going to recommend you get a Civic. While you won't get any discount on a brand new Civic, buying a brand new Civic is better than buying a used Accord because of how inflated used car prices are. A two year old Accord...
  9. One Week of Ownership

    I either have a really bad camera/display or you have low expectations? My rear camera may be from 1997. It is useless at night and it is too blurry in general. For reference, my other vehicle is a 2017 Impreza and its camera might as well be HD compared to my 2022 Civic's camera.
  10. 2022 Civic: Extreme Lag on Entertainment System at Start

    EX here with the 7 inch screen and the only issue I've noticed so far is with Bluetooth. When I turn on the car and try to connect to bluetooth but the last time I drove the car, I was connected by USB/AndroidAuto, it shows that my phone is connected by bluetooth but it won't play anything. It...
  11. Transmission fluid change

    Hey everyone! This is my first CVT vehicle and looking through the owner's manual and there is nothing about transmission fluid besides not to check or change it yourself. Is this common on CVT transmissions? This can't be right? Here is a link to the owner's manual page regarding transmission...
  12. Potential Buyer for 11th gen Si, just saying hi!

    Hello from Richmond! Owned two other Civics before the 22 Civic (among a few other Honda/Acura vehicles).
  13. I purchased a fully loaded 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Touring

    It's a Honda, what did you expect?
  14. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    Supply is only an issue in the color combo I want. The dealerships near me are constantly getting LX trims in black or white. There are about a dozen Sport trims in black near me. There are another several EX trims in white. There are plenty of 22 Civics, just nothing but black and white. If you...
  15. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    This is what I was hoping for; this is an ideal scenario "I want 22 ex in such and such color combo, here is a deposit, see what you can do." Some time later, I get a call letting me know there is a car I asked for on its way to the dealership. Instead, every time they call me back, they say...
  16. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    I probably should have mentioned that too, they won't even take a deposit until a car is on its way. They (the dealership) have to have a VIN to accept a deposit.
  17. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    Hey everyone! I'd like to purchase an EX trim in one of four different colors, and black interior regardless of what color exterior I pick. All these combinations are available online. I'm not trying to pick a green exterior which doesn't exist or combine trim/color which isn't possible. So...
  18. My 2022 Civic w/ HPD Package

    How did you get this, if you don't mind me asking? Every dealership near me is making it seem like "we'll sell you what we get, you get the vehicle as is when it is delivered to use, we can't add any accessories or packages to it." I've called every dealership in about a two hour radius of...