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  1. JDM headlights part numbers for FL5 Type R

    If anyone is interested in the JDM FL5 headlights which have a clear reflector and not amber they’re about $1400 per light. PNs: R HL - 33100-T43-J13 L HL - 33150-T43-J13 For the unaware, these will have a different beam pattern requiring adjustment to reduce glare.
  2. FK8 vs FL5 track times?

    Has anyone seen comparisons of FK8 and FL5 track times? All I have seen is a marginally better time for the FL5 over the FK8 LE at Suzuka and the FK8 performing slightly better on a different track. Keiichi Tsuchiya(DK) drove both cars at Sodegaura Forest Raceway. The FK8 ran 1:16.33 and the...