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  1. 3 generations of Honda performance in blue. Take your pick (FL5, FK8, AP1)

    3 generations of Honda performance, all blue. Take your pick.
  2. Some Weekend Canyon Runs in my FL5 After XPEL & Ceramic Coat

    Had Xpel ceramic tint completed on Friday and spent the weekend doing some local canyon runs at light/moderate speeds, generally keeping things under 4k rpm. Despite driving it at 6/10ths, came away impressed overall and the car exceeded my expectations. Few notes from the journey (probably...
  3. California Delete

    Prefer Socal area pickup but would consider shipping if the price is right, shoot me a pm, thanks.
  4. Transport Blocks PSA: make sure your dealer removes suspension transport blocks before taking delivery!

    To any future FL5 owners out there, make sure the dealer removes the suspension transport blocks before taking delivery! I didn't catch it when I took delivery and put about 50 miles on before realizing something was off. Took it back to the dealer and gave them hell about missing the step...
  5. 2022 Si upgraded to 2023 Type R -- owner comparison review

    Picked up a fully loaded boost blue Type R today and so far, really digging it. Options included the forged wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, alcantara wheel/shifter, and a few others. Some brief comparisons to my traded in 11th gen Si -Si shifter felt smoother. Not sure if the FL5 needs more...