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Search results

  1. Any UK people on here?

    Waiting for my call. So it would seem there will be a car to test drive after the top guy has had some fun for a while! Still might put a deposit on one subject to test drive, you can always get your money back.
  2. Any UK people on here?

    Im out too, no way its 15k better than my FK8. Probably help with FK8 residuals too.
  3. Any UK people on here?

    Really hoping it starts with a 3 !
  4. Type R owner age?

    69 & busy spending the Kids inheritance.
  5. Any UK people on here?

    My Dealer today said its gonna be £42k - not official.
  6. Any UK people on here?

    The ONLY reason for me to swap the FK8 for the FL5 is that its going to be the last manual ICE Type R.
  7. 🤩 I can't stop smiling since Type R FL5 was delivered to my house

    Unbelievable that a dealer would leave these in, what happened to the PDI! & then they have the cheek to charge you a premium!!
  8. Any UK people on here?

    What the Dealers in the US get away with is truly shocking. I will be very surprised knowing UK Dealers in the past if the top man in the dealership doesn't want an FL5 to run around in for a few weeks, which becomes the demo car.
  9. Any UK people on here?

    People said the same about the GR86, there will only be around 450 cars in the next 2 years coming to the UK. I secured a car with a 1k deposit last April & will get a test drive next week. I suspect there will be more than 450 FL5,s coming to the UK. I test drove 3 FK8s before buying & expect a...
  10. Any UK people on here?

    If so thats 13k more than I paid for my 2019 FK8 which I am still very happy with. Plus the silly car tax for 5 years! I will need a test drive to convince myself its worth it.
  11. Any UK people on here?

    The quality of the music system is the last thing I am bothered about, just tell us what it costs & when we can have one!
  12. Any UK people on here?

    I bought a MK3 Focus RS without a test drive, the drive modes were just different levels of harsh. Sold it for an FK8 where the drive modes actually work. The FL5 needs to be the same.
  13. Any UK people on here?

    I originally told myself anything over 40K I was out. I would be selling the FK8. But my Wife who loves the FK8 as much as me said we should just go for it as it will be the last Manual ICE Type R ever! She usually get her own way!
  14. Any UK people on here?

    Looks like the FL5 will be on the new Top Gear series driven by Harris.
  15. Any UK people on here?

    Its got to be under 40k or I will be keeping the FK8. No way am I paying the silly road tax on a 40k plus car. The Civic event was this week end at Wakefield, they have my £500 deposit. 4th on the list apparently.