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  1. JDM headlights part numbers for FL5 Type R

    Can the pattern be adjusted *enough* not to be a pain for oncoming drivers (and helpful for LHD)? Never imported JDM headlights but I also really hate the amber signals.
  2. CTR Initial Mods

    Can any new FL5 owners confirm that there are 3.5" speakers in the C pillar, or that the speakers in the rear doors are 5 1/4"?
  3. Dealership Cold Call

    Dealership called back "I'm sorry I think it's almost impossible. Does it have to be a 2023?" 😂
  4. Red Carpet Care - Mats & Floor

    Did you get the full lighting package??
  5. Dealership Cold Call

    I mean...its not like I've got one yet. They're saying by EoY and even then there might be enough mark up that I can't accept it. I hope so, but it's definitely not a for sure thing, but thank you for the optimism :)
  6. Dealership Cold Call

    I'm also first on the list for a CW here; still don't when it'll be delivered. Sometime in the next two weeks I hope.
  7. Dealership Cold Call

    Just got a cold call (in Canada) asking if I was interested in a new car (I've been looking for a loan). The salesperson asked if he got me a 2023 Type R if I would buy it. I told him that he wouldn't be able to find one "for love or money", and he said "You'll be surprised". I cant wait for...
  8. Windshield freezes while driving

    Again, do you have windshield fluid rated for -40C? If not, they have them at Costco. $15 for 16L. The stock/regular stuff will freeze in the winter.
  9. CTR Initial Mods

    https://www.crutchfield.ca/g_400/All-Car-Speakers.html?tp=73199&l=7 https://[Banned Site - For Spamming]/threads/2022-honda-civic-sedan-bose-premium-sound-system-details.249/ https://www.wapcar.my/news/a-closer-look-at-the-bose-12speaker-setup-in-the-allnew-2022-honda-civic-29635 So Crutchfield only...
  10. CTR Initial Mods

    Probably a new firmware version though. Might take some time to crack, although I hope not. I'd appreciate anyone who has their car to report on the size of the speakers in the FL5. One article I read says 3.25" in the back, Crutchfield says 6.5". Anything aftermarket is better than anything...
  11. New OEM parts arrive for (and before) my FL5

    Anyone else have a bil with the hookups? Asking for a friend ....
  12. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    If you can packet sniff a URL with the head unit connected to Wifi (does it pull updates?) you might be able to get a trusted cert that works....
  13. Windshield freezes while driving

    Ok I'm really confused here. Are you saying that your window wipers aren't covering your whole windshield? Have you tried replacing them? Are you using cold weather windshield fluid? Are you sure the wipers are installed properly, and are a high quality winter grade? Cheap or old wipers can do...
  14. Took photos of FL5 Type R media car vs my FK8 (UPDATE: interior pics)

    Anyone else miss the fogs? They wouldn't really fit with the new fender anyways, but I'm gunna miss them from the fk8.
  15. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    Depends on a few things; if you're using a typical streaming service then probably not. If you're using lossless audio then yes. All bluetooth codecs use some form of compression. I'm not sure which version of BT it uses unfortunately.
  16. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    I'll take quality and reliability over convenience. Wired isn't great, but it's finicky by itself without introducing wireless to the mix. Plus better audio quality. I'm sticking with wired even if wireless is available. Too many bad experiences with this HU.
  17. Honda Hack / Root: 11th Gen - Work In Progress Discoveries

    https://9to5google.com/2021/05/02/honda-civic-android-auto-wireless/ huh. well that's dumb.
  18. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Yes, because less expensive accessories are something to get excited about 😆. Anybody springing for the red floor mats? That's something I'll be happy to pay for.