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Search results

  1. Forum Question

    Since I don't see a specific forum area for forum and website related questions, I'll ask here. Where is the setting that will allow all read messages to appear as non-bold? Makes it difficult see what I have read and haven't when both appear in bold characters. This is how a topic appears...
  2. Civic Inventory

    https://www.pricehonda.com/inventory/new/honda/civic?years=2022 6 listed.
  3. Wheel Spacers

    Does anyone manufacture wheel spacers to fit the 11th gen Civic? I have the Sport Touring Hatch. I'm wondering how much space I would need. Maybe 13MM? 25MM might be too much. Anyone have any experience with the last gen that could shed some light?
  4. Just hit 555 miles!! How many miles do you have??

    I’ve owned the car for a week. Already 555 miles. Enjoying this “economy” car even more than the Mustang GT I traded for it. How many miles do you all have?
  5. My New Sonic Gray Pearl Sport Touring Hatch

    Picked this up MSRP on Friday. Took some pre PDI pics and a couple pics today. Wonderful experience so far. First Honda. I have some accessories on the way. Mud guards and illuminated door sills. Might also order the wing - undecided.