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Search results

  1. New 2022 Civic Hatchback spoiler accessory part

    So much better than the sedan!
  2. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    I really, really WANTED to like the new Civic. The design was ok looking so far until... I sat in one at the local dealer last week. It was a touring and... 1. the seats are too soft, not something I can live with. 2. the honeycomb mesh would be cool if it was made of a different material. It's...
  3. Have a 2022 Civic Touring: Ask Me Anything! ??‍♂️

    How about the headrests? Do they offer good support or do they push your hear forward and down too much?
  4. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    Yeah, the chrome really has to go. Based on what we saw from the early presentations of the sport trim, it will. Can't wait to see it in real life!
  5. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    It has that strange eearly electric/hybrid car look that was totally unexciting for some reason... I'm in the market for 2022 Si or Type R (depending on details) so I really hope this is far from what Honda actually releases.