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Search results

  1. 2024 Integra Type S Officially Announced! + First Drive Reviews!

    Ok, this might be a better choice over a type R, for me anyways!
  2. Front Plate Mount Options - FL5 Type R

    That isn’t legal in Ontario The law clearly states the front plate must be mounted to the front of the car. You will get a ticket IF a cop cares enough to pull you over.
  3. Honda Going For FWD Nurburgring Lap Record With FL5 Civic Type R

    What are you talking man? Merc just set their lap record a few days ago In the same conditions. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/su...astest-ever-production-car-around-nurburgring
  4. Thoughts on the carbon fibre wing?

    Utter waste of money IMO unless you got cash to burn. carbon isn’t going to make that car any faster. poser move
  5. When does review embargo ends for the 2023 Civic Type R FL5?

    GR looks like vomit off a drunken sailor. Who would ever wanna drive that? Not even on the radar unless you wanna look like a goof lol
  6. 2023 Civic Type R (FL5) U.S. Pricing: $42,895 MSRP

    Isn’t it funny that the car is for sale at dealerships however Honda still is hiding the Nürburgring lap time and performance stats on the car? Just seems odd and almost silly to me anyways. Like…. Just release to information lol
  7. 2023 Civic Type R (FL5) U.S. Pricing: $42,895 MSRP

    Keep in mind provincial taxes and other fees. Also keep in mind less than 600 are coming into Canada over the next 3 years…..and you won’t get your warranty transferred to the US. You will need to drive back into Canada for any warranty work.
  8. The FL5 Dealer ADM Markup Thread

    You gotta be pure stupid to pay $10,000 to $20,000 over. Plain and simple stupidity
  9. Expect less FL5’s

    it’s total overall output. FL5 is only made there in that plant.
  10. Expect less FL5’s

    Looks like production is slowing down even more …..FL5 is made at Saitama, expect even less FL5s https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/honda-cut-car-output-40-percent-supply-chain-problems
  11. Markups and more: The Death of Car Dealerships

    American problem, against the law in Canada and UK. I guess USA is built off greed 😅
  12. Sport Touring questions from a potential buyer

    Buy one in Canada. No lame stupid markups that American dealers do
  13. What are you willing to pay for an 11th gen Type R?

    Why would anyone pay more than MSRP? Is must be only an American issue, we don’t have this rubbish in Canada
  14. 🍿 The Ultimate Detour (A short film by Honda) Featuring Civic Type R and F1 Champ Max Verstappen

    4 in a row now….. one today. 10th of the year. 109 point lead in the championship
  15. Largest Dealership Allocations

    Just wait until you see the mark up’s. $20,000 plus
  16. Drift King and the 2023 Civic Type R

    The super famous DORI DORI! Best Motoring legend
  17. FL5 and FK8 Civic Type R Comparison Side-by-Side Look

    camera Angle from a wide shot. It isn’t “that much lower” overall. Might be 1cm max