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Search results

  1. Phearable releases 11th Gen Civic Si Stage 1.5 Race tunes for KTuner and Hondata

    https://www.phearable.net/tuning-software/11th-gen-civic/ktuner-11thgen-honda-civic-si-stage-1.5-race-tune.html https://www.phearable.net/tuning-software/11th-gen-civic/hondata-11thgen-civic-si-stage-1.5-race-tune.html Check your e-mail if you've ordered a KTuner/Hondata unit from John in...
  2. Emissions Testing Thread

    Hey fellow Texans, Getting into modding my 11th gen Si, and I'd like to hear from anybody that's ever had to do the emissions tests in Texas (required in most big city metro areas). They seem less strict than most other states, but also I was a little confused by some of the specifications...
  3. Premature "A" code on Maintenance Minder

    I feel like my car is prematurely showing the "A" on Maintenance Minder (Change oil and filter). Oil life is at 90%, car has 1200 miles, and dipstick looks fine. It does have a K Tuner base map on it, but I've honestly never looked at the Maintenance Minder 'til now, so I'm not sure how long...