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  1. Tires For '19 Si

    Is this your daily driver? Looking at your signature, it looks like you live in Pittsburg so are these your only wheel/tire setup for the year? My next tire will most likely be Michelin PS4's
  2. Wanted an Si, getting an Integra; thoughts vs GR86.

    Great, honest feedback. Thanks
  3. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Media Launch Questions for savagegeese?

    I've been wondering about this as well. I've had my Si for a year now and have been checking Majestic Honda and other online part vendors and all of them don't have their searchable part diagrams available yet. I hope they do at some point.
  4. Thoughts on FL5 vs FK8 Type R (by savagegeese)

    I wonder if the Si is the better car value for the street vs. the FL5. At at about 150% of the cost of an Si, I'm not sure if the FL5 is worth 15k-20k more. I remember one of your videos mentioned that both cars are targeted by Honda to the same demographic, but the FL5 is a financial stretch to...
  5. First Drive In 2023 Honda Civic Type R | Hondata FL5

    Very nice video and I like the red color of the FL5. It's a shame these are being marked up so much right now.
  6. Which one of y’all drove this 248k mile 11th Civic?

    I've got to think that is a typo? 19k seems low for a '22 though...
  7. 2022 Civic Si has matured with me

    I think you will love it. I've had mine almost a year (December), and still love driving the car every day. I have since added the Two Step Performance Stage 1 tune with three map settings and it really has transformed the car. I usually keep it on Map 1 or 2 to preserve the clutch. I don't...
  8. Looking to upgrade Front BOSE separate component speakers

    Hello all, I recently purchased a set of Focal separate component speakers for the front doors in my '22 Si with the Bose stereo. My goal is to use the existing wiring harnesses and not cut and solder new wires for the Focals. I think I found connectors to use for the door mounted 6.5 mid...
  9. Purchased Integra 6spd with tech

    Great, honest feedback on the new Integra. I'm glad you are happy with it and once you are inside driving it, who cares if it doesn't look like an Si. I suspect if the A-Spec had the Accord 2.0 turbo, there would be not sitting on the lots. Ultimately, I didn't want to pay the Acura premium for...
  10. Oil Filters - Mobil 1???

    I bought a case (12) of NAPA Gold filters. Pretty well reviewed and haven't had a problem. I've also used WIX with my '05 Accord for ~100,000 miles without any issues.
  11. Oil Analysis from 2022 Civic Si (11th gen) with 7300 miles

    IIRC, the cam plugs were plastic in the old B series engines. I'm going to definitely continue doing the oil analysis moving forward. How many miles do you have on your Si now and have you done any similar tests? -Jamie
  12. Oil Analysis from 2022 Civic Si (11th gen) with 7300 miles

    @zeroptzero, Thanks for your input. I definitely do more short drives than highway miles and now gives me an excuse to go on a road trip! Yesterday, I took the car into the dealership to fix and oil leak-it ended up being a poorly sealed camshaft holder. The only thing that worries me is if...
  13. Oil Analysis from 2022 Civic Si (11th gen) with 7300 miles

    Thoughts on this oil analysis from Blackstone? Should I be concerned? This was the 2nd oil change at 7300 miles.
  14. Oil leak... on 2022 Civic Si with about 7500 mile

    2022 Civic Si with about 7500 miles. I noticed oil residue near the front of the engine block near were the transmission and block meet up. I sprayed down the area with simple green and hosed off the area. Started the car and let sit for awhile. Low and behold it looks like I have an oil leak at...
  15. 2022 Civic Si has matured with me

    KTuner starter 21. It provides a noticeable bump in hp and torque. I'm looking at possibly doing the Two Step Stage 1 at some point. -Jamie
  16. 2022 Civic Si has matured with me

    Great story and similar to mine. I originally had a '97 Integra GSR, 7th generation Accord (5 speed), then bought a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7. The Jeep was comfortable and made all of the right noises, but fuel economy was so-so and I missed the handling of my previous Hondas. When I...
  17. Factory Shop Manual?

    Thanks a bunch for posting this. Whoa! Does anyone buy a paper shop manual anymore?
  18. First Si maintenance - ripoff?

    The only time I ever lubricate the sliding pins on a brake caliper is when I do the pads. If you don't track your car regularly or drive your car off road (not likely), I can't imagine the boots which cover the pins would be compromised. A simple visual brake inspection would reveal if the boots...
  19. Living with the SI - First 10 Days

    Agree with all of your points. A mild tune really wakes the engine up if you are so inclined. The chassis tuning really is a great compromise between great handling and streetability. I have about 6k miles on mine and still love driving it every day. -Jamie
  20. Aftermarket Struts

    IMO Honda did a great job at finding a balance between comfort and performance handling with the 11th gen Si. It does suck that we don't have adaptive dampers the 10th gen Si had but I like the simplicity of a simple shock/spring setup. I attempted to do a conservative drop (~1 inch) with the...