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  1. Windshield freezes while driving

    The root cause of the freezing is bad windshield wipers. They spread water across the windshield and it freezes. There are finally replacement blades not made by Honda.
  2. Water leak on hatchback

    I'm now experiencing this problem. Any news from Honda?
  3. Windshield freezes while driving

    The washer fluid I used last winter in PA was rated to -25F, about the lowest you can buy in the USA. I use the same fluid in my BMW and it worked perfectly.
  4. Windshield freezes while driving

    It will soon be November and the temps are declining. Last winter, many of us had scary experiences where the windshield would freeze up on the outside during freezing weather. The problem appeared to have been with the design of the wiper blade or tensioner because large areas of the...
  5. $15k price markup on 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring!

    It reminds me very much of my old Audi A4.
  6. What’s Your Favorite Color Sport Touring Hatchback?

    Boost Blue - mine is in my sig photo
  7. List of TSBs?

    It's odd, isn't it @Bunhyung The 10th gen Civic forum had all the TSBs listed.
  8. How loud is your Civic?

    @Cooper - it probably depends on the tires. My Conti Pros are nice and quiet.
  9. Anti-pinch windows problem

    Today my wife had the rear window on out touring sport hatch close on her finger. It was very painful. I tested the anti-pinch functionality when I got home. It didn’t work when I tested with a big ice scraper handle. Can someone test this? I have a feeling we may have a recall-level...
  10. List of TSBs?

    I know of 22-006 (sensors) and 22-008 (cruise control). Are there any other TSBs published for the 2022 Civic?
  11. Sport Touring questions from a potential buyer

    @BKK Jack - yep, I noticed you have a Tacoma, but was figuring you were selling it for the Honda. The clutch didn't go out right away. I actually drove the Honda from NY to Oregon (without a trailer) with no problems. But the clutch did start to go out only after about 40K miles.
  12. 2022 Civic Sport Touring Hatchback

    Rich - all your answers are in the owners manual. Download it and read it. And then read it again :)
  13. Sport Touring questions from a potential buyer

    I once towed a trailer for about 100 miles in a Honda. Killed the clutch and really hurt the engine. Don't do it. Get a truck.
  14. 📣 2023 Integra Reviews Are In & Very Positive!

    How does a person determine if a dealer is owned/operated by Acura corporate? I didn't think auto manufacturers owned or operated any dealerships.
  15. 📣 2023 Integra Reviews Are In & Very Positive!

    The threads on Integra forums aren't that great. Complaints about no spare tire, no navigation, no HomeLink, etc. Seems that the Civic Sport Touring/Touring are better appointed than an "A-Spec".
  16. What’s Your Favorite Color Sport Touring Hatchback?

    Boost blue. I get 97% more positive comments in it compared to my really sweet BMW
  17. Sport Touring questions from a potential buyer

    I purchased mine in December. I kept searching for inventory on the internet and found a dealer 4.5 hours away that had 2. Gave them a call, put down a $500 deposit and made the drive from Philly to Pittsburgh. They charged MSRP and gave me a fair price for my old '16 Civic Coupe Touring...
  18. What’s your #1 Pet-Peeve??

    Easy. The windshield wipers don’t work In weather below 25F. They function by moving but do not remove water from the windshield. It’s a terrible safety problem and I’ve reported it to Honda and the US Dept of Transportation. There are a few threads about it here
  19. 📣 2023 Integra Reviews Are In & Very Positive!

    I'm sure our local dealers will be demanding $50K for the car.