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  1. 2024 Integra Type S Officially Announced! + First Drive Reviews!

    You do know that the ITR continued outside the US after the 1996-2000 run correct? The RSX body was used for the Honda ITR overseas until 2006 and was not sold in the US. Acura isn't even a brand in Japan.
  2. 2022 Toyota GR 86

  3. Official AEGEAN BLUE 2022+ 11th Gen Civic & Si Thread

    Time to bump this thread. 1 more month til I pick mine up. It's the closest color to the 99-00 Si EBP you can get.
  4. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    Except that there are plenty of consumer reports of them screwing customers over on that warranty and making people pay for their own engine or trans. Any K car warranty is laughable at this point.
  5. vs GR Corolla

  6. Integra Type S Spied Again! With Wider Fenders, Triple Exhaust Tips, Manual Transmission

    Going to have to be softer suspension with how Acura buyers are. They don't want a harsh ride in a car that will probably be over $50k base.
  7. Color Wanted vs Color Getting

    If you're lucky, the dealer will do a dealer trade for the color you want but with such limited production lately of Si and R's you basically only get the color you want if you are right place right time.
  8. Wanted an Si, getting an Integra; thoughts vs GR86.

    Another reason I'm going back to an Si for the first time since 2016. Compared to this WRX the Si is like a hybrid on gas mileage. Plus I can get about the same power with a tune and some bolt ons.
  9. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    On top of shitty engines and transmission recalls, the back seat in the Elantra is too high and cannot fit a 6 ft tall person without your head being in the roof. I was looking at an N line and that was one of the reasons I said f that.
  10. Well…it was fun while it lasted…

    NEVER mod a leased vehicle. It's a rental!
  11. Wanted an Si, getting an Integra; thoughts vs GR86.

    I'm in the same boat. About to be 5th car in a little over 5 years.
  12. Wanted an Si, getting an Integra; thoughts vs GR86.

    It's no comparison. They are totally different animals.
  13. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    I'd do that and then wait for a used FL5 some years from now.
  14. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    Dang, sounds like you would have loved the Sport or Sport Touring hatch with a 6MT. I'm surprised they didn't offer those in Australia.
  15. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    If you can find it for MSRP or very close then do it. I wouldn't pay markup on a new Si though.
  16. FL5 Emission and Rev-matching System Problem

    Next available date? What kind of dealership is that that has that much service scheduled? I don't know how they aren't sucking you off to fix it with how much you probably just payed them for that vehicle.
  17. Wanted an Si, getting an Integra; thoughts vs GR86.

    I had to search around for an Si as well but found one for MSRP plus $599 tint which is marked up but oh well. Best deal around. Even the Honda store that is part of the company I work for was trying to mark me up $3k as an employee.
  18. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    First production run always going to be the buggiest. Take it to the dealer.
  19. New Owner !

    Do you plan on keeping the car for a long time? Most people will trade out of the car long before anything major happens that they have to pay out of pocket.