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  1. Headlight schematics?

    Mine too but I still don’t think there is any communication to the BCM or any control other than on off. There’s clear communication on the 11th generation.
  2. Headlight schematics?

    Pretty sure the pins on the 10gen are analog. You should be able to find that info on CivicX. The plug is the same but it only has 7 wires.
  3. Headlight schematics?

    Is there a chance that somebody could take me a nice detailed photo of the headlight plug while it’s unplugged from the car. I just want to make sure what connecter it is. Front back side? Unless maybe somebody has an OEM part number?
  4. Headlight HaskStop Tap Harness

    It appears that for these headlights I can no longer produce the Stay Bright harness adapters. It is all integrated within the headlight now the only thing I could offer you is the extension/ HackStop harness that I make so you don’t have to hack into your original harness with T taps and risk...
  5. Headlight schematics?

    Awesome information guys thank you so much. It looks like I can’t help anyone out with these. They are full on computer controlled.
  6. Headlight schematics?

    So is this confirmed that this is the only plug on these 2022 headlights? Normally the eight pin is accessible but the three pin is off to the outer edge behind the inner fender. At least that’s for the 10th GEN but it’s very possible this is the only one on the 11th
  7. Headlight schematics?

    What do you guys have to do with the warrantee headlights? I would love to get my hands on the 10th generation set of LED headlights that already need work. Since in my spare time I do custom work.
  8. Headlight schematics?

    I believe that’s called the pin out but what I’m looking at is the wiring schematic which would be possibly called a line diagram? Is that the only plug on the back of these headlights? On the 10th generation it has 18 pin plug with seven wires in it and 13 pin plug with three wires in it.
  9. Headlight schematics?

    Does anyone have access to the Honda database that would be able to give me the headlight schematics for the 11th generation headlights?
  10. Amber DRLs on 2022 Civic?

    It could be possible but you need an adaptor harness that would allow the blinkers to flash that amber when necessary. It’s also possible that the Amber was not designed to be on 100% of the time so it could possibly burn out the circuit? If you had a wiring schematic of the headlight circuit...
  11. Headlight HaskStop Tap Harness

    Updated on next post.
  12. DRL Stay Bright modules

    3...2..1.. Sold out. I have more parts on the way. Will be a couple months.
  13. DRL Stay Bright modules

    1 set remaining.
  14. DRL Stay Bright modules

    Those look great. I’m glad you’re happy. What fog lights do you have? They look like the Type R
  15. DRL Stay Bright modules

    OK my friends there are two sets remaining. They’re already packaged up and ready to ship so they can ship within 2 to 3 days.
  16. DRL Stay Bright modules

    I sent you a PM. I got the last four finish last night so whenever I get payment they can be shipped out within a couple of days. Likely early next week.
  17. DRL Stay Bright modules

    Just 4 remaining everyone. 4 only. It will be a few months before I’m restocked again. I’ll only make 10 sets at a time.
  18. DRL Stay Bright modules

    I have 4 left.
  19. DRL Stay Bright modules

    5 units remain
  20. DRL Stay Bright modules

    6 units remaining.