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  1. Best Gas For FL5?

    Im saying car knocks on 91 factory tune, yes. I’m not implying there’s long term negative effects if you’re using 91. Honda recommends at least 91 and some knock is acceptable. I bet you could run 87 because Honda knows people will do it. The ECU will quickly detect the knock and aggressively...
  2. Best Gas For FL5?

    How can you validate it’s not knocking on 91? Did you run the Hondata factory map and log knock and timing? I’m aware of how the Bosch ECU works. I have experience tuning my own FK8. Never said factory tune doesn’t work with ethanol. I was implying that the Bosch ECU more than likely is using...
  3. Best Gas For FL5?

    Not entirely true. I'm unable to find a 91 vs 93 factory tune FK8 dyno, but pretty certain there's a small amount of knock on 91. Knock means timing retard, which means less power. It's also why European spec FK8 is rated higher HP than US FK8. Both ECUs run the same factory map but US is rated...
  4. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Media Launch Questions for savagegeese?

    Not too sure why this bugs people so much. He works more than most people who old 9-5 jobs as an independent content creator. Most YouTubers fail. He helps create buzz for this car so it’s a mutual benefit. He didn’t get special access for free. It’s people who believe everything should be...
  5. Best Gas For FL5?

    I think you got it backwards. Higher elevation means less oxygen. Still not sure how you concluded correlates with octane.
  6. Best Gas For FL5?

    jet skis, lawn mowers, etc. it’s for motors that don’t use up the gas. Ethanol absorbs moisture. Bad for gas. Not an issue for cars since it gets used before it goes bad.
  7. Best Gas For FL5?

    92 with ethanol isn't the same as 92 without ethanol. More ethanol means more knock resistance given the same octane number.
  8. Best Gas For FL5?

    It’s been proven the engine knocks on 91 octane. Adding ethanol reduces this. The knock is probably not enough to cause long term damage but it’s still engine knock.
  9. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Media Launch Questions for savagegeese?

    comments about how savagegeese received special treatment from dealer coming in 3, 2, 1...
  10. Best Gas For FL5?

    Let's clear a few misconceptions. Ethanol is great for cars. Even the owners manual approves of using ethanol gas. Up to 15% I believe. Ethanol increases knock resistance. This is a good thing. No knock means more power. Go to a busy gas station. The idea is less chance of getting stale gas...
  11. FL5 (BS?) Autocross Thread

    https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/articles/track-tire-buyers-guide/ Stick to 4s if the tires will see public roads. RE71RS if you’re ready to take driver talent out of the equation.
  12. Paint pulling from front bumper during PPF install (2023 Boost Blue Type R)

    highly doubt they need to disclose every single damage. there's probably a repair cost threshold before they need to legally disclose. that's assuming the dealer decides to repair it, many are overlooked. for example, many sedans will get their the front underbody scratched and that won't get...
  13. Paint pulling from front bumper during PPF install (2023 Boost Blue Type R)

    unless there's a law that says they have to report it, they're not going to. you may want to research your state's laws on reporting repairs to the buyer. next time you plan to get PPF done, tell the dealer to not wash or remove the stickers on the car. that should tell you if something was...
  14. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Media Launch Questions for savagegeese?

    From a cost perspective, it makes complete sense to just use the same exact powertrain from the CTR. Suspension and engine tuning costs are minimal, but wouldn’t be surprised if the Type S received the exact engine tune as the CTR. A different tune will probably introduce additional costs and...
  15. What did you pay for your FL5?

    didn't know nitrogen was more valuable than gold!
  16. Thoughts on FL5 vs FK8 Type R (by savagegeese)

    The less gaudy look compared to the FK8 is already an upgrade. I’m not paying 50k for a transformer.
  17. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 vs. Toyota GR Corolla showdown! Comparison review by Motortrend

    I think the Corolla will need to grow larger if it wants to compete with the Civic. Agreed. Even though most would prefer the practicality of a Corolla, the GR Yaris is the better variation due to its size and weight advantage. I think the hardcore enthusiast would still choose the Yaris over...
  18. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 vs. Toyota GR Corolla showdown! Comparison review by Motortrend

    It's too bad Toyota decided to use the Corolla platform. It's not small as a Yaris but it's not big enough to be practical as a Civic. t's in a weird position. The Corolla hatchback really loses on practicality compared to the Civic. The Civic is almost as spacious as a Camry.
  19. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 vs. Toyota GR Corolla showdown! Comparison review by Motortrend

    Can't really judge how usable an engine's power band is based on its size. Here's a stock GR Yaris: It hits most of its torque before 3k rpm. It's all in the hardware combination and tuning. For example, the 2.0 Accord has way more low end torque than the 2.0 in the Type R. Different...
  20. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 vs. Toyota GR Corolla showdown! Comparison review by Motortrend

    IMO, the GR Corolla will be more fun if you live in a snow state. High powered FWD car in the winter can get annoying.