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  1. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Latest article on drive.com.au https://www.drive.com.au/news/honda-civic-type-r-sold-out-for-18-months/ Key points: Wait time if you order now is between 18 months and 2 years It is estimated that 600 cars are going to be delivered in 2023
  2. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Such an inconsistent and frustrating process... Was hoping with the agency model that it wouldn't be down to what dealer you went through and there would be consistency nationally. Fingers crossed we get clearer info early next year and that you get a car in the next batch JBO as it seems like...
  3. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    One of the main Brisbane dealers
  4. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Bugger... On the positive side, at least the tight supply and strong demand should keep the future values strong
  5. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    From memory I was the 7th deposit the dealer took but I understand some ahead of me pulled out when official pricing was launched. I know the dealer was listing the deposits with Honda Aus when they were taken as well. Re future shipments, the dealer said they are expecting a rough delivery...
  6. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Any updates JBO? My dealer has confirmed I'm not in the first (March) batch... He is expecting more info early next year in regards to when the next batches will be delivered. Bit disappointing to not be in the first batch considering I signed an initial contract and paid my deposit in...
  7. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Got my official contract at 8:30 this morning. Signed and back with the dealer by 9.
  8. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Yep exactly. It's going to be interesting to see how many of the pre-orders get converted to actual orders and then how long it takes to get all of those initial orders filled too. I.e. Honda are claiming 4000 pre order registrations. I don't think it's unreasonable to think that could...
  9. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Quite similar views my end. I would have liked it to come in under 70k d/a, but it's close enough that I'm okay with the price. I was actually worried Honda would be truly stupid and price it in the 75-80k range... My initial plan was to get a Cupra as this will primarily be a daily for me. But...
  10. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    I think I'm going to be very unproductive tomorrow morning! Will be spamming the refresh button on YouTube at 11pm tonight. :cool: One of the few times i'm glad QLD doesn't have daylight saving!
  11. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Thanks for the info AL_FL5. Definitely feels like dealers are trending towards saying it's going to be $70k plus. I really hope Honda doesn't price it stupidly... Hopefully, we should get confirmed pricing soon.
  12. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Hi JBO - Welcome :) Here is how I understand it: The order books aren't officially opened yet for Australia. This is still likely a few months away The decision on taking orders/deposits is up to the individual dealers. That said, I understand that before accepting orders/deposits the dealers...
  13. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Congrats! Agree it's going to be interesting to see how many cars we get in Aus.
  14. 2023 Civic Type R On Road Sighting in Rallye Red (@ Torrance, CA)

    100% agree. I’m getting F8x M vibes as well. Those swollen arches look mean.
  15. Japanese Market Info: 2023 Civic Type R Ordering, Production Volume, Deliveries

    I've been trying to find the same info. While I couldn't find for Japan, I did find an article suggesting there were about 1,200 - 1,300 FK8s sold in Australia. How many were sold in America? It would be great to understand how the approx. 48,000 FK8s were split across the various markets.
  16. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    I'll PM you with the details.
  17. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    I agree. I reckon there is a strong chance we won't get many FL5s coming to Aus. I'm not 100% sure how it works under the new agency model. The dealer I spoke to suggested that while dealers are taking orders/deposits, these aren't able to be lodged with Honda yet as the order book is not yet...
  18. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    That would be great if it hits the market at that price, however, I don't reckon we will be that lucky considering how much Honda pushed the price up with the 11th gen hatch. All the other competitors have also gone up quite a lot over the past few years. The base Golf GTI is now at $60k. The...
  19. Australian Type R Order/Info Thread

    Not sure if there are many Aussies on this forum, but thought I would start an Aussie order/info thread. I'm most likely a bit late to the party... but I put a deposit down earlier this week. Key info from the dealer I spoke to was: Expecting the drive-away price to be in the high 60s to low...