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Search results

  1. Build Quality

    It looks like poor quality on the entire Civic lineup.
  2. Build Quality

    Sold my Si after one month ownership. I could not live with the poor fit and finish. The door Jams did not match up.
  3. Quality workmanship?

    Did you check out all the door hood & trunk to see if they match up? They don’t. The fit and finish is terrible. I sold my 2022 Si after 1 month. Very disappointed in Honda. The quality is horrible and cheap.
  4. Build Quality

    Also I noticed on the outside of the door where the metal meets the bottom of the window you can pull the metal away and water could get into the door. It feels very flimsy & cheap.
  5. Build Quality

    Have you noticed the fit & finish on the Si is not that great. Check the doors & hood gaps. You will notice they are all not even. Very surprised of this from Honda.
  6. Si for sale

    How many miles does your car have? There is no option in Carvana for the Si model?
  7. Si for sale

    Selling my 2022 civic Si. It has 90 miles. Still has all the factory plastic on the interior. $31,000
  8. Si break in period

    What is the break proceedure in for the Si? How should you drive the car? For how many miles is the break in for? What should you do and what shouldn’t you do in the break in period?
  9. Recent road trip mpg with tuned Si

    Can you disable the tune before you take the car in for service? And they reinstall after service?
  10. Recent road trip mpg with tuned Si

    Did you see a big difference in HP & Torque? Did your MPG change? Will this void the warranty?
  11. Recent road trip mpg with tuned Si

    What year is your Si?
  12. Si in rain & snow?

    How does the Si do in the rain & snow?
  13. Si ride quality?

    Good to know. I am also in my 50’s and love this car but didn’t want a real hard riding car.
  14. Si ride quality?

    Please post your driving experience with the new Si. Do you find that the car has a harsh or refined ride. Like to hear everyone’s experience as a daily driver.
  15. Age of Si owners

    Please post your age if you drive a Si