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Search results

  1. Minnesota Weathertech all weather mats (1 month old)

    selling some weather mats since i sold the civic. comes with the two fronts and the back as well. i'm 5 min from MSP currently
  2. She has to go unfortunately...

    Hey everyone, As much as I love my '22 Civic Si, I have to let it go. With around 3,000 miles, I can't handle the uncomfortable seats anymore, along with many other things (rattles being the main thing). I've tried adjusting the seat in every single way possible but still found no comfort due...
  3. Low Range but still have lots of fuel?

    Hello everyone I’ve been having this “issue” where my fuel range tells me I have <30 miles left and I know I have a lot more. I go to fill up for gas and it fills up for 9.5 gallons. I can tell this affects the actual fuel bar at the bottom though i know it’s not correct. My question is; I...
  4. Where to buy OEM Touch-Up paint?

    hello ‘22 civic si in black. found a rock chip on the hood and was looking to see where I can purchase a touch up kit. Thanks! Also any tips when applying it?
  5. Which option to select when purchasing a tune?

    Hello all Looking to purchase a tune for my 22 Si. I have 1500 miles on it currently. I see people / videos talk about how good the TSP is but am confused on what option to choose when purchasing? also if anyone has feedback / pros and cons about the tune let me know too!
  6. Best way to correct wheel chips?

    This is on the front left tire. I have no idea how this would’ve happened as I never parallel park or go through drive-throughs. I don’t ever recall hitting my wheel on anything either so i’m stumped. Anyways, what’s the best way to go about fixing this? does honda offer paint for the wheel that...
  7. Weird sound coming from front of the car on full lock when turning?

    Title I think it’s because it’s cold but I’m not 100% sure but when I turn the car full lock either right or left it makes a noise kind of like something rubbing on something (brake pad on brake kind of… hard to describe). I can’t remember if this happened when it was warmer out but yeah; was...
  8. Back panel rattle from sound system

    Hello all. ‘22 Civic Si with 1k miles. Ever since I got the car I’ve noticed that the back panel rattles where the sub is when playing songs? dealer said it was normal but i don’t have time right now to have them investigate. bass all the way up or down doesn’t matter. some songs rattle...
  9. Range / Avg MPG indicator

    Hello all. ‘22 Civic Si I average ~30.0mpg with 15 min highway and more city driving. When I drive to run errands the range goes way down. Example: I drive 4 miles but it goes down 10+ miles. I’m not driving spirited either Any idea? Sucks how many times I have to fill this car up with such a...
  10. Seats in the Civic Si

    I purchased the ‘22 Si a couple of weeks ago. Love it so far with the exception of two things so I’m hoping people who own one can chime in. A) the seating position / comfort. i’m used to these kind of seats (owned a focus ST with recaros for 3 years) i’m 6’4 185 lbs (skinny tall guy) and i...
  11. Oil Change at 1,000 miles necessary?

    Hey everyone! Currently had my Civic Si for almost a month now and reaching 1000 soon (600 currently). Was wondering if any of you change your oil at 1,000 to start "fresh" after the break-in period? Is it worth it? Is it not worth it? Thanks!