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  1. Oil Change at 1,000 miles necessary?

    Follow the maintenance minder for best results, as others have said. It won't hurt to do the first oil change early, but wait until at least 5k for proper break-in.
  2. Oil Filters - Mobil 1???

    Honda thankfully has used damn near the same filter on most engines for 20+ years. My father in law has been buying the same filters for their various Hondas and Acuras since at least 2006. I have an M110-A that didn't get put on our 10th gen so it's going on the ST for it's first oil change soon.
  3. How loud is your Civic?

    Our '22 ST is much quieter than the '17 Sport it replaced. There were a few minor intake modifications and a missing bellypan (thanks to a kamikaze raccoon) but I remember my wife mentioning the new Conti Pro's around ~75k were quieter overall than the worn out set they replaced. The ST isn't as...
  4. What did you do to your CivicXI today??

    Back in February we ordered a Smoky Mauve ST hatch to replace the wife's '17 Sport, and about a month ago we took delivery. Only tint so far, but since the wife cares little about performance and more about comfort and features, I don't think there will be much beyond an intake for the turbo...
  5. Does the Sport manage appear to be unprepared contrasted with the last gen?

    Strange https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/does-the-sport-manage-appear-to-be-unprepared-contrasted-with-the-last-gen.50663/
  6. Smokey Mauve Pearl pics?

    Windows tinted ✓
  7. Smokey Mauve Pearl pics?

    Awesome that it worked out for you, we actually started looking back in January, put a down payment on this one the beginning of February and picked it up last week. Hooray for supply chain issues!
  8. Smokey Mauve Pearl pics?

    The first couple days after we brought it home, anytime my wife would go into the garage she would stare at it with a smile on her face and say "I can't believe I got a purple car!" 😂 For reference, she's had a silver EK civic, 2 black Accord coupes, a white WRX and white 10th gen Sport, so...
  9. Smokey Mauve Pearl pics?

    Depending on the light it looks anywhere from a medium silver to purple.