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Search results

  1. How much would you pay for an USED FL5?

    That depends on where you are.
  2. How much would you pay for an USED FL5?

    I hope those used ones are for "If you want one now" crowd.
  3. New Owner Observation / Stories

    Sienna (396hp 8AT) is still half a second slower
  4. New Owner Observation / Stories

    I usually see 11th Gen in sedans rather than hatchback. It was interesting to see how the resin hatch is made when walking through what needs to be address with bodywork. Stand at the back of the car and look next to the wing stay. Under the right lighting and start looking from the D-Pillar...
  5. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    I accelerated out into a different street in 1st from yielding, clutch to the floor, tried to go into 2nd and get a grind. I'm still on the same tank of gas since I took delivery. As soon as PPF is done over the weekend, then I can work on getting past the initial break-in miles. Hopefully it's...
  6. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    I thought that is for the Clutch Master Cylinder Damper?
  7. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    If the FL5 and FK8 Clutch Slave Cylinder has the same part number, then it does and the way to remove it should be identical. I'll consider that if the same thing occur again.
  8. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    The car was driven for some time when that happened. I did not break 100 miles yet.
  9. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    I heard about the famous 1-2 shift grind in the FK8. Before FL5 is even officially announced, someone here asked if Honda may have ironed it out. Well, it happened today. I was almost done with a short cruise after a snack. Tried to pull away from finish yielding for the last car coming so I...
  10. Type R Smart Card Key (Third Key)

    I thought only New Zealand and certain market near Australia get the key card? I wonder if that require a different part to work. That's be cool!
  11. Spoon continues testing FL5 for products development

    Spoon sells Hondata tune. Not surprised to see Spoon to do track testing for them of it is true.
  12. New Owner Observation / Stories

    I want to buy the JDM Euro Horn. Hope it's plug-and-play.
  13. Spoon continues testing FL5 for products development

    Will you lose BSM (Blind Spot Monitor) when switching to these?
  14. New Owner Observation / Stories

    It will be just as effective. A good alternative from replacing the entire dog bone mount for maximum comfort. I would like to see if any FK8 owner who runs the Hasport Stage 1 mount set is willing to give me a ride. That will help me decide if I just want to upgrade all the mounts or just the...
  15. New Owner Observation / Stories

    Rigid collar is something I am likely to get some time down the road. Not sure if you ever tried chassis brace(s) that bolts to similar locations. Would you say rigid collar is more effective if you can only get either of them?
  16. Do FK8-compatible wheel+tire combos work on the FL5?

    You should. Summer tires cannot handle snow and can deteriorate colder than 40F. Running 18" wheels has all-season tire in a size identical to stock so you can at least drive in very light snow. Swap back to the OE 19" when climate is warmer.
  17. New Owner Observation / Stories

    This is Gold! Now you always have someone to cruise with. The FL5 is a very beautiful 4-door car at its price class. One Saturday I decided to quickly go ask a detailer/high-end used car shop for a paint correction quote before the last wave of the recent atmospheric river. It was my first...
  18. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Any sensible person will line up to get a car at MSRP, but the truth is you are in for a long wait for normal mass production cars, very bad for specialty cars like the FL5 Type R. If you really want one and will keep it for a very long time, the best thing to do is find the dealer with the...
  19. Has FL5 ASC (Fake Exhaust Sound) Delete Been Done?

    The high pitch electronic noise you are hearing after the car is turned off, or key-on engine-off, is the electronic throttle body. Not the same as the exhaust sound, which is done with a separate module. That is normal operation and you can only hear it in quiet environments like your garage or...
  20. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Instead of waiting for either dealer to get an allocation, you are far better off travelling to a different city or State.