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  1. ECU Tuning options - Hondata / Ktuner / Other?

    What I am saying is, if it was the same ECU as the FK8, it would already be unlocked... Just because Bosch makes the ecu for both does not mean they are the same. There's always additional software updates and features with newer generation ECU's. As well as new things to learn when you reverse...
  2. What is the best color in FL5?

    Theres always CW with Matte PPF option :D
  3. ECU Tuning options - Hondata / Ktuner / Other?

    It takes multiple iterations and trials to crack an ECU code as well. Hondata has not worked with this before and this is unique to the 11th gen. How is it an established platform already? The entire ECU is completely different and updated vs FK8 and 11th gen SI. These things take time but its...
  4. ECU Tuning options - Hondata / Ktuner / Other?

    "Nobody has cracked it yet." I mean hardly anyone that wants the car even has the car. I am confident Hondata will have a solution before end of year on the tuning side and probably much sooner. They just posted a larger update on fueling solutions for the 1.5T so they may have more development...
  5. Mirror Color Change DIY

    https://www.synthcarbon.com/products/11th-gen-civic-carbon-fiber-oem-style-mirror-caps Haven't tried these but thinking about getting these. I saw a YouTube video install of these and seemed to fit good.
  6. CTR Initial Mods

    I like the stock one a lot but when its 15-20F like it was today, its just really cold. If you dont drive in stop and go traffic and dont need to touch it a lot its ok but its a repeated shock and sucks the heat out of your hand quickly. I want to get the hybrid racing maxim that has the OEM...
  7. CTR Initial Mods

    I had to swap mine out during the cold months because it was getting annoying.
  8. Best Type R exhaust mods for FL5

    That's essentially how it is from the factory. If you look through the center pipe the valve is right there and its just a straight pipe in the middle with a small resonated baffling inside. When its closed it diverts air to the outside 2 pipes with muffler but when its open its basically...
  9. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    Black and Red were my most wanted colors but I didn't really get a choice. I do like White and sonic grey tied for 3rd. The car looks amazing in all the colors though so I don't mind it, Im more glad I was able to get the car at all. Unfortunately with the demand/production situation I don't...
  10. What does your individual mode look like for daily driving?

    Yes my foot was on the throttle and that does make sense too. Now that I get a better grasp of the exhaust without ASC, even in all modes it does still seem a little too quiet so I'll be interested in options as more exhausts come out.
  11. What does your individual mode look like for daily driving?

    I just spent some time today to unplug the ASC and can confirm it does not effect the exhaust modes. After messing around with all the settings I am thinking the Engine mode AND Engine sound effect the exhaust valve but not 100% certain. Id need go pro mounted looking into the exhaust valve to...
  12. What does your individual mode look like for daily driving?

    Info here: https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/fl5-adaptive-sound-control-and-active-exhaust-valve-discussion.51198/ From what I understand it only effects the noise through the speakers so the exhaust should still operate as designed under all the other modes.
  13. What does your individual mode look like for daily driving?

    Currently mine is set to: Sport Engine/Throttle Mapping Comfort suspension Comfort steering Comfort Exhaust / Engine Noise. Rev Match On Sport Gauges If I get around to unplugging the Active Sound module Ill leave it in +R engine sound but I cannot stand the pumped in engine noise.
  14. FL5 Track Considerations

    If you are going to track the car and heat up the brakes, there is no getting around minor bleeds. SRF is the highest quality and most boiling resistant but I would expect it to still lose life after a season and many heat cycles. Ive always got the large cans of ATE200 or the updated "super...
  15. I'd like my FL5 to sound like ___________.

    When listening to a video on all the exhausts for the FK8 I like the way the spoon sounds the best imo. Its crazy expensive and does not look that good but it has a great louder OEM+ sound that lets some of the turbo come through. I really dont think the K20 sounds that good without cats or...
  16. Japanese Market Info: 2023 Civic Type R Ordering, Production Volume, Deliveries

    Yes I get that, which means these are under-reporting the numbers and that there would be more than 1030. Thats why Im confused where Cary got the 300 number from.
  17. Japanese Market Info: 2023 Civic Type R Ordering, Production Volume, Deliveries

    Ugh what? Theres been nearly 1030 allocated to America so far. They are certainly off but it seems feasible to hit the 2300 this year easily. Where did you get the 300 number from? Civic Type R tracker. Hit the "All colors stats" in the top right thats tracking all units allocated so far...
  18. FL5 Alignment Specs

    Sidewall stiffness is a factor but the amount of grip the tires have will still overwhelm -1* quickly. In my old FA5 I daily drove -2.7* all the time and didn't notice any extra wear over 10k miles over what the track does. Around -2 to -2.5* is a decent compromise between daily drive ability...
  19. Paint Correction

    Can you share images of the scratches? That will help in determining the best path forward. At the very least I would go back to the dealer and see if they will help pay for a paint correction.