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  1. Xpel Tints + Factory Privacy Glass VLT

    The factory rear privacy glass (for markets that came with it) surprisingly is 23% VLT (visual light transmittance). So if you wanted a factory-ish spec to tinting your windows, a 30% all round should give it that look since the glass already has a slight tint in it.
  2. Carmate JDM Keycase

    One of the best purchases I’ve done for the Type R. Really hated how the glossy part of the key would always get scratched up on the FK8 so this has been a must have for me.
  3. Blackvue DR900S Dash Cam and Battery Hardwired Install

    Had a close encounter with an idiot on the road so this install got done a lot quicker than anticipated. Had the same camera and battery on both the FK8’s and now on the FL5 - was a relatively straight forward install except the fuse labeled “ACC” was still drawing a current even when the car...
  4. Spoon Blue Wide Rear View Mirror

    Very easy install during the weekend for the Spoon rear view mirror does stick out a bit after install but it’s not bad since it has a wider field of view. One caveat is that things look a lot closer that it is. Another thing to note is that different markets have different rear view mirror...
  5. Spoon Air Cleaner / Filter Installed on FL5 Type R (DIY + Sound Clip Video)

    Had the Spoon Air Filter arrive a little quicker than anticipated so went ahead and installed it. Wanted a bit more noise from the intake having come from the Eventuri on the FK8. This filter was only chosen due to the fact that I could have it clean without having to re-oil again and while it...
  6. Spoon Engine Bay Accessories (FL5/FK8) installed

    Had some time to start on the Spoon parts I’ve been hoarding for a while. Spoon Sports (スプーンスポーツ) Oil Filler Cap Spoon Sports (スプーンスポーツ) Radiator Cap Spoon Sports (スプーンスポーツ) Brake Reservoir Tank Cover
  7. Spoon Sports Blue Wide Door Mirror

    First time trying these, pretty easy install - just be careful and patient not to exert to much force while putting these on Seems like I need to get used to things looking a bit more closer than it really is but otherwise its a good addition to the car. It also works well with the tinted...
  8. What’s in the box?

    A few friends last weekend kept on asking what’s inside the turbo inlet box when they popped the bonnet. Curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to open it up and see for myself 😂
  9. Mugen Carbon Shift Knob

    Wanted to tie in the carbon gearknob with the Honda Access Carbon trim. If you have trouble lowering the shift boot for the install, just try unscrewing the factory gearknob counter clockwise hard and it will unscrew - worked for the FK8 facelift and now the FL5 👌
  10. Type R Smart Card Key (Third Key)

    Hi All Just wondering if any other markets received a third key with their FL5? Was quite happy to have received something that I only saw a few JDM Accord Euro R’s had back in early 2000s for the FL5.
  11. Huahao Infotainment Glass Screen Protector

    The 11th Gens Civics have an improved and nice matte finish on the infotainment screen compared to the 10th Gens that I’ve had previously. However me being me with an OCD problem, I decided to add a glass screen protector. While the video shows RHD there are heaps of sellers on Aliexpress...
  12. Where does the water end up? (FL5 hood vent)

    Kept getting asked where the water would go through the vented bonnet by friends and family so I got curious as well and decided to film the whole ordeal.
  13. Mugen Ventilated Window Visors

    Decided it was time to add more Mugen goodies to the FL5. With the new 11th gen Civics, I’ve noticed that there wasn’t much of a prominent rain channel on the roof. This usually meant that any water that was still around after rain would inadvertently come into the cabin if your window was...
  14. Mugen Interior/Exterior Accessories for the FL1/FL5

    Used the same combo of parts for when I had the two FK8’s to protect and guard the car against my kids and wife 😂 An added bonus for the inner door guards has been that it helps against scuff marks caused after getting the car back from service. A relatively inexpensive combo of parts but...
  15. JDM Carpets - FJ Craft Red Boot Carpet & Honda Access Floor Mats

    Been slowly hoarding parts for the arrival of my FL5 and have started to install them. As for prepping for the worst considering we have red carpet, I went ahead and applied 3M Scotchgard to all the carpeting in the hopes it will help soil less. The Honda Access floormats are such thick pile...
  16. JDM Honda Access Carbon Center Console and Door Trims (Video)

    Had last week to document and start adding bits and pieces I’to my FL5 here down in New Zealand. The parts are made in Italy by Bucci Composites and are really a work of art! Graphene coated them just for protection and they look even better than it came out the box. Videos for reference and...