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  1. Lug Nut Torque for FL5 - Owners Manual Wrong!

    Likely the service manual
  2. Lug Nut Torque for FL5 - Owners Manual Wrong!

    Alright so I've looked through the owners manual for the 2023 Honda Civic 5D : https://www.honda.ca/Content/ownermanuals/eBizPublication/A/OwnersManual/2022/9/23/478b6f0c6a1338106f0c6a13381086de020a____EN_20220923115103.pdf The section with 80 ft-lb is for cars equipped with a spare tire only...
  3. Lug Nut Torque for FL5 - Owners Manual Wrong!

    I would trust the owners manual. FL5 wheels are different from the FK8 and 80 ft-lb is likely enough torque to have them secured against the rotor. Comparing an older FK8 spec is meaningless.
  4. Replaced Windshield

    Looks like a gasket that flipped out of its groove during install. Don’t get the car wet until it’s inspected
  5. FL5 creators post chart showing 400 unit production per month planned and 20K orders received.

    You can't use measurement of size to predict production. Swindon was also making all the normal Civic hatchbacks versus only making the FL5 in Japan. Don't pay markup if you're worried about resale.
  6. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    If the car is already inching forward I usually slot it into second. That being said, I know the FL5 with rev match going into first. At that point I'd do whatever is natural to ya. As long as it's not a habit to start moving from a dead stop every time in second gear, you'll be golden. Seeing...
  7. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    You are causing premature wear on the clutch. It's harder for the car to start moving, since the transmission in gear 2 will resist movement more than gear 1. This is because gear 1 is shorter, to increase mechanical torque.
  8. Drag Race: 5 Generations of Civic Type R, Including FL5

    Physically the calliper, carrier, and hubs are the same. You can bolt up a 20'+ rotor/pad on a 17-19 FK8 without any mods to the brake hardware.
  9. 265/35 on stock wheels

    It’s a 4% chance in diameter. You’d by throwing the speedo off by a bit so be mindful https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  10. FL5 OEM 19" Wheel Paint Code

    Thanks for the update. I'm assuming this is the one you used for the base coat? I wasn't sure what you meant by "(Zink)"...
  11. FL5 OEM 19" Wheel Paint Code

    Thanks for the post! Have you tried those ?
  12. FL5 OEM 19" Wheel Paint Code

    agreed. Might try testing done generic colors and report back
  13. FL5 OEM 19" Wheel Paint Code

    Does anyone know what the paint code is for the FL5's oem black 19" wheels? I know the FK8 used Berlina Black from the S2000 and NSX.
  14. PPF Costs

    I would do the frontal and save the 7k. Put it in the market and use it for a respray if needed in 10 years. If my understanding of the universe is correct, the harder you try the more it punishes you. So after getting a full ppf someone will just back into your car:p
  15. American Friends - what is the FL5 OEM 19" Wheel cost?

    To everyone else: DIBS KEEP AWAY ^^^
  16. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    Doubtful. They modified the S2000 in response to complaints to boost sales. The CR was a final send off akin to the FK8 LE. FL5’s have no problem selling as is - there is no reason this soften the car. Of course everyone might not prefer it that way, but the majority are happy.
  17. Audible clicking noise when shifting gears

    Honda gearboxes are notchy and clickey at times
  18. Cool down period after driving?

    Unless you are tracking the car, then absolutely nothing. Oil and metallurgy tech has come a long way, and for normal daily driving or even spirited driving you can safely just shut it off. If you running hard on the track a cooldown lap wouldn't be a bad idea. Give the brakes and everything a...
  19. Canadian dealer asked what colour Type R I want

    How to tell someone hasn't travelled to a third world country 101
  20. Has the 2nd gear grind happened to your FL5 yet?

    Clutch delay valve will slow down the clutch engaging again - not the release. It's not causing the grind