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  1. Picked up my 2023 Si

    Truecar says new Si's are going for $0 to $1000 over MSRP, just for reference. What didn't you like about it and what's going to replace it?
  2. Official: 2024 Integra Type S Gets 320 HP!

    Hmm, same appeal as Type R vs TLX-S? Manual transmission, smaller, lighter, sportier. Although it's physically very long it's relatively light and will feel smaller.
  3. Official: 2024 Integra Type S Gets 320 HP!

    No moonroof on ITS right? That's a plus for me.
  4. 6mT Hatch’s: Civic vs Mazda3 Premium

    Thanks, forgot about the Teg. $38,000 for a 6mT with the 1.5T is a bitter pill, though. If they get some decent discounts, that would get on my radar.
  5. 6mT Hatch’s: Civic vs Mazda3 Premium

    Yeah, I don't want to give up space, especially after owning a 2023 Focus hatch which is small on the outside and huge inside, it's as roomy in the back row as the 2020 Si was but much shorter. But Mazda always chooses design over practicality. I hope the next Mazda3 is more practical without...
  6. 6mT Hatch’s: Civic vs Mazda3 Premium

    Mini offers a 6mT 5 door hatch, forgot about that one. I can't stand the interior styling in particular so I forgot about that one.
  7. 6mT Hatch’s: Civic vs Mazda3 Premium

    I can think of only 3 6mT hatch options: Civic Sport (or Type R), Mazda3 Premium or GTI. GTI is too expensive now that’s the $6-7k discounts are long gone, and the buttonless interior sucks. That leaves the Mazda3 and Sport Touring which are both about $31k. I like the Civic styling and...
  8. Type R owner age?

    At 26, I bought a GSR sedan cause I didn’t know how much better the Type R was til after it was gone. When the Civic R came out I was going to get one (at age 49) but I got a field service job the same year and was driving 25-30k miles a year, and didn’t want to drive a Type R like that. I...
  9. Red Leather shifter

    the Honda pdf just says to pull down the shift boot, with no instructions how. will definitely do this, hate all metal shift knobs.
  10. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    that’s my issue with the GRC, it’s a 4 door hatch but practicality is more like a Mustang thanks to the tiny 30” rear legroom and gimped trunk. so maybe the engine sounds a little better and it’s a bit more raucous, but it’s impracticality puts it more in the weekend sporty car category where...
  11. C&D - CTR vs GR vs GolfR

    I like that the Anniversary Golf R has moonroof delete, that probably drops 80 lbs and improves headroom, though that’s not really an issue on Golfs. if they would improve the interface I’d consider it, but not sure they can do that easily.
  12. Problems switching wheel size?

    easiest way is to go to Tirerack’s website, cause they only offer wheels that fit your car. Use a tire size calculator if you want to know the exact differences in diameter and speed. you don’t need 16s on a 10th or 11th gen Civic, just get 17s, that’s what I used in Massachusetts winters for...
  13. vs GR Corolla

    Nice comparison thanks! I hope the next GRC is a little bigger, although I have to buy in summer 2025 and it probably won’t be out by then. If the GRC didn’t have a gimped back seat I might buy it over the Type R since it’ll be a New England car.
  14. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    I had hopes there might be a better looking Elantra in the future, but no such luck. It looks even worse. https://www.autoblog.com/2023/02/27/hyundai-elantra-refresh-previewed-in-korea/
  15. '23 Aegean Blue Si Introduction

    I remember going with my mom back around 2007 when she test drove a blue Civic Si, but she bought a Mini Cooper. Bummer, I would have bought the Si off her if she’d bought one.
  16. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    i think this could be part of their returning the Type R to the Japan fold, Japanese roads are incredibly smooth so they probably felt it the FK8 could be stiffened up a little.
  17. Winter Tire setup

    Ive used lightweight OZ wheels for winter setups before, never bent one in over 10 years. That’s probably what I’ll do for the Type R if I get one. 18x8s, narrow tire as possible.
  18. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    I drove an Evo 9 and S2000 way back, both had this crazy stiff feel, I want something like that, hopefully that’s what the Type R feels like, never driven either gen.