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  1. What did you pay for your FL5?

    just a tip on how I got my car- I called all local Honda dealers and got in their wait lists. Once a car shows as in transit on the trackers, the dealer is getting a million calls and already has a list. If you wait for something in transit, you’re likely going to be too far down on the list...
  2. What did you pay for your FL5?

    For fun, I searched the subreddit r/askcarsales for “type r”, and there were posts from 2019 and before asking when prices would drop or become closer to MSRP. Even then, it was the same issue, so I highly doubt the prices will drop close to MSRP anytime soon. Here is a screenshot of just one...
  3. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    Just had front end & mirrors protected with Suntek PPF. Paint correction and Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra coated. Also coated all glass, wheels, and calipers. Alsl had 15% 3M IR tint installed. And finally removed the Civic badge so I can pretend I’m not driving a really expensive Civic. I kept...
  4. First gear locked out at stop light

    Correct. Don’t do this. Shift to neutral. https://www.drivespark.com/amphtml/four-wheelers/2018/neutral-or-first-gear-at-traffic-signal-lights-025052.html
  5. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Correct, a safety issue which could become a liability for the company, where the cost of litigation outweighs the cost of improving or fixing the part. A squeaking seat is not a safety issue so it won’t be a recall.
  6. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Seat frames would not be a recall, FYI. If ANYTHING, perhaps a technical service bulletin, but definitely not a recall. I even doubt they’ll issue a TSB for it.
  7. New Owner Observation / Stories

    I hear everyone say that, but I’m curious to see how many chips Icehawk picked up on his journey. My 40 miles highway trip and I had zero rock chips. I think Subaru paint may be the worst- I doubt Honda can be that bad. If Icehawk had no rock chips in his 1000 mile highway jaunt, I’ll feel much...
  8. New Owner Observation / Stories

    Man, turn off that auto rev control (can do it in Vehicle Settings) and enjoy it!! also, how did the front end paint hold up? A lot of rock chips, no rock chips? I had a 40 mile drive home and somehow picked up no rock chips. Everyone had me scared, saying Honda paint is notoriously thin and...
  9. MagSafe Case & Wireless Charger?

    I forgot I made this thread! I’ve had zero strange smells since the first time using the MagSafe case with the wireless charger. So, suffice to say, I believe it’s entirely safe.
  10. Transport Blocks PSA: make sure your dealer removes suspension transport blocks before taking delivery!

    Service Bulletin SX-18-001-00 which is titled “Civic Type R 23 Year Model - PDI and New Model Service Information” has the below in it. Most dealers are just using the one from a regular Civic, though. They do not have the blocks, which is why most dealers miss it.
  11. Drop in K&N filter available for FL5

    Madness Auto shot an email out at the end of February to those who ordered, stating late May/early April for filter replenishment. So the 30-45 days still lines up to their original estimate. At least it didn’t get pushed even further. Luckily our stock air filters will last 45 more days :)
  12. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Make sure they remove the spacers in the front springs. 90% of dealerships miss this! If car looks way too high up front, that’s why.
  13. What did you pay for your FL5?

    I got on a list before my dealer had any allocations. As soon as it was allocated, he told me. A few weeks later, it hit the online trackers as “in transit” and I was told that they received no less than 40 inquiries on the car from that point forward. Moral of the story- don’t call when a...
  14. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    I have had zero wireless CarPlay issues myself. When you guys set up wireless CarPlay, did you connect via USB or entirely wireless? I went the wireless and Bluetooth route, and have yet to plug into USB ever. I wonder if that’s why I’ve had zero issues. Just deducing and spitballing here..
  15. Hatch Lighting

    I think they are the same bulbs, t10/194. I believe the visor/vanity lights are t5, though.
  16. Care & Maintenance of PPF & Tint ?

    The Xpel films are top of the line. Ultimate Plus can be treated like normal paint- do not polish it, due to abrasives, but sealants, waxes or even coatings can be applied to it. Treat it like you do your paint, just no polishing. Bug guts can be removed with any quick detail spray; standard...
  17. Care & Maintenance of PPF & Tint ?

    Depends on the film used for both tint and PPF. Ask the installer to be sure. Some PPF by Suntek has ceramic coating properties built in. Certain types of tint can take ammonia cleaners, some can’t. Best bet is ask your installer to do it right. Without knowing what brand and types of film used...
  18. Lug Nut Torque for FL5 - Owners Manual Wrong!

    Dealer regional rep escalated it to corporate level, apparently. 80 foot pounds won’t fly off, so it’s not really a recall/safety risk. Just extra reassurance haha.
  19. Hatch Lighting

    T10/194 CANBUS error free Lasfit bulb from Amazon works great.
  20. CTR Initial Mods

    Pick up the brightest T10/194 LED bulb you can for the rear hatch light. The light back there is piss poor. I have a similar list to you, but throw in some window tint too