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  1. Do you find FL5 rear end too planted on track, or quite mobile/playful?

    Had an FL5 trackday, some found the rear end too planted and refusing to move even under trail-braking or lifting off midcorner. A bit boring and one-dimensional therefore for some, while some found that reassuringly safe and stable. However, all the reviews on the internet and on YouTube...
  2. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    Took out these three beauties back-to-back today and man they are all amazing. My quick impressions on how they compare against each other: FL5: + Just feels supremely polished overall in ways big and small -- the engine, steering, clutch, brakes, shifter... but just as notably, things like...
  3. Can 3-seat rear bench from Civic hatchback be fitted to FL5?

    The FL5 is amazing, but one of the things that really baffles me is why Honda insists on putting only a two-seat bench in the CTR. I'm interested in an FL5 mainly for its practicality as far as specialty cars go, so does anyone know if a standard 3-seat bench and center seat belt from a Civic...