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Search results

  1. Folding mirror parts

    I saw where someone had posted the part numbers for a folding mirror conversion. Of course I can't find it. I would like to do this at the same time as the sumo mirror, home link and mirror cap color change. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, don
  2. Tennessee Tennessee Stock Wheels Sold

    I have the four stock wheels for sale. I picked up the car with 17 miles max on wheels. I had the forged wheels installed before I picked it up. $1400.00 for the set of four. Pick them up or pay actual shipping costs. If through Paypal you pay any costs incurred. I'll keep this on here for a while.
  3. Fog Lights

    I am sure most could care less about fog lights. I will install some on this car. I am looking at PIAA RF18 yellow. I travel alot just before dawn and need them for deer and foggy conditions here at home. They would also help with seeing the lines when the roads are wet. If anybody does install...