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Search results

  1. FL5 Civic Type R on Bronze Wheels (Put Pictures Here)

    Are you running spacers in the photos? Thanks.
  2. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    Awesome. I’m anxious to see what you come up with. Thanks.
  3. FL5 Spare Tire ?

    You guys think there’s no realistic way to securely store it under the floor lid and come up with a combination of foam blocks to raise the floor the necessary amount? You guys are finding some good alternative solutions.
  4. FL5 Civic Type R on White Wheels (Put Pictures Here)

    Post the rest of the pics. Looking great!!
  5. Great Guy, Sales Forum Member :)

    Congrats on the car. Thank you for the solid recommendation. It's tough to find a solid sales person but Dominic sounds right on the money.
  6. What a Muffler Delete Sounds Like on the FL5 - MRT Street Race Axle Back Review

    I’m really impressed that sounds as good as it does with nice highway manners and a deep tone. Not bad at all! Thanks for the really detailed video. I’d prefer three tips just to keep that quirky feature but understand the 2 tip logic. Just glad the tips are not single wall and also cut along...
  7. Best Type R exhaust mods for FL5

    Yes. The Sequence Titanium exhaust was one that comes to mind right away. There’s a link to a sound clip in post 7 on the first page.
  8. 2023 Civic Type R finder tool

    Thanks for keeping this going. It’s a massive help.