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Search results

  1. What does your individual mode look like for daily driving?

    How can I get rid of the active sound? I’d love to do it this weekend just not sure where the plug is located.
  2. Type R (or soon-to-be Type R) owners, what else did you drive?

    2004 RSX Type S 2005 WRX 2008 evo X 2009 TSX 2012 370Z 2013 STI 2015 MB CLA 2016 M235i 2017 F80 M3 2013 GTR 2018 Type R 2019 M4CS 2019 GTR 2022 Type R 2023 Type R
  3. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    I have a CW 900 series vin that just delivered to my dealer in TN yesterday. Now, it gets on another truck and heads my way in FL.