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  1. First gear locked out at stop light

    I've heard that leaving the clutch engaged with the car in gear prematurely wears the clutch. Is this not the case?
  2. CTR FL5 Rear Engine Mounts

    Thanks, updated the original post.
  3. CTR FL5 Rear Engine Mounts

    I know that PRL, 27WON, and Hasport each offer these mounts. Anyone recommend one over the other or are they all pretty comparable? I get so much wheel hop in 1st and 2nd, so want to make this my first performance mod.
  4. Engine Warm-up Temp

    What oil temperature do you guys wait until before you drive your cars hard? Also, at what temperature is the car considered too hot where you should wait for it to cool before doing another pull?
  5. It was fun while it lasted... FL5 hit at red light 😞

    That's disappointing. Glad no one is hurt though.
  6. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Civic Type-R FL5 Product Development

    Dustin's video mentioned the intercooler will be available to the public 4/7.
  7. Infotainment issues while on phone?

    My Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G has completely frozen and restarted on its own while connected wirelessly through Android Auto. This has happened three times while either replying to a text message or opening Microsoft Teams on my phone. Anyone else experience an issue like this?
  8. What is the best color in FL5?

    Yea, for 5-6k :confused:
  9. What is the best color in FL5?

    I woulda loved it if they offered a matte white option.
  10. Front Plate Mount Options - FL5 Type R

    The police in my area have ticketed me in my AP1 before, so I don't want to risk it. :(
  11. New Owner Observation / Stories

    LOL I'm right there with you brother
  12. ECU Tuning options - Hondata / Ktuner / Other?

    I didn't know that. Looks like I dodged a bullet.
  13. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

  14. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    I waxed the car a few days ago, but it's probably more the lighting and the photographer.
  15. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    A photographer took some pics of the CTR at a local car meet in Lombard, IL today. Credit to https://instagram.com/dan.hackett.photo?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  16. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Dustin ended up getting a FL5 CTR. Excited to see what his team is gonna do with it!
  17. New Owner Observation / Stories

    My two car garage isn't all that spacious, so the sensors would be helpful.
  18. New Owner Observation / Stories

    I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that it took me a full week and 700 miles to realize the FL5 CTR does not have parking sensor in the US...:doh: