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Search results

  1. Replaced Windshield

    Does anyone know if the windshield for the FL5 is the same as the windshield used for the new civic hatchbacks? I just replaced my windshield with the dealership parts department (the order was for a 2022 honda civic hatchback windshield) and I'm just noticing that I can kind of see the...
  2. Windshield Replacement

    Hello! I just had my windshield replaced (Got a crack from a rock while driving home from picking up the car two months ago) and wanted to make sure the moldings are all in the right fit- if any one can post a picture of the molding right next to the driver side A pillar and hood that would be...
  3. Infotainment issues while on phone?

    Has anyone seen this happen to their fl5 infotainment system when in CarPlay while also on the phone? I’ve seen comments saying infotainment spazzing out but idk if this is what they’re referring to Update: I read some other forums and videos for the Honda infotainment system in general (for...
  4. FL5 Roof peeling?

    Hello! Got my FL5 around week and half ago but noticed some sort of peeling going around the edge of the roof on both sides of the car.... it's garage kept and can't imagine it to be the clear coat peeling already... anyone else notice something like this?