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  1. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    1k miles in, there are a few buzzes at certain RPMs but this is a stiff performance car, not an E-class… No doubt people are hearing issues, but it also feels like some people are expecting are totally silent car… Part of me thinks the right hand drive cars are experiencing less issues for one...
  2. Vibration during acceleration in 1st gear

    Surely this is a good thing? Unless you want an EV… Sure, it’s not a V8 type of vibration but at least you know something is happening.
  3. Any UK people on here?

    Got to push mine for the first time, what an absolute weapon this car is. It’s relatively refined as a daily, but up the ante and it just comes alive. My background is bikes, and I had forgotten that cars can feel this good/involved. Can’t wait for some track time. The 911 Turbo and...
  4. Any UK people on here?

    This, it’s a different model in the U.K., dealers are restricted from applying markup and likely make more margin per unit at RRP. The US market counters with dealer markups, so provided demands outstrips supply they can significantly bump up the cost. Ultimately the price in the U.K. is on...
  5. Fender vent mesh?

    I’m pretty sure the sound your hearing is stones within the wheel arches themselves. Like most handling/performing focused cars, the Type R has very little sound deadening. That’s not to say it won’t happen, I’m sure it will, but it’s probably not as bad as it sounds.
  6. Any UK people on here?

    RE the US Civic price, with markups it’s a similar price to Europe. EU legislation and U.K. inflation have not been kind to prices - the European EV quota to avoid huge fines has essentially doubled this year, and Honda don’t have a very broad EV range. European cars are equally as expensive in...
  7. Any UK people on here?

    Recently sold my 2018 C63 to get in an FL5, I’ve got to say the Honda is significantly better in terms of build quality. The Mercedes was rubbish, poorly put together, leather stitching was awful, lots of creaks and rattles, peeling interior trim, faded exterior trim etc.. The service costs are...
  8. What is the best color in FL5?

    Totally subjective…….
  9. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    “I recently noticed The chattering sound coming from the vicinity of the seat belt that was pointed out by other owners It also came out of my car when I ran on bad roads (driver's seat, passenger seat) If you lower the seat belt up and down adjustment to the lowest position ... Oh my God No...
  10. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Paying more for a car doesn’t mean a better dealer service. I’ve had crap experiences with both M and AMG, it seems to be a lot of car dealers In general. I know people fighting both Porsche and McLaren… The new Lotus Emira is having its share of issues as well. The OPs dealer sound like the...
  11. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Interesting to hear his view on ride comfort. It seems a few FL5 owners have sensitive bottoms.
  12. Poll: My Plates

    Nothing says I live at home with my parents more than this word.
  13. Poll: My Plates

    What’s the other option, do nothing? Sometimes people need a dose of their own medicine. I would not usually go out of my way so send a pointless unconstructive reply, but in this case, I was happy to repay the favour…
  14. Poll: My Plates

    To be fair, this guy started trolling my thread about fuel tank size. I decided to see what interesting threads he had started, and this made me chuckle. He’s obviously young and needs to develop some social skills.
  15. Poll: My Plates

    You’ve answered my question. Thank you.
  16. Poll: My Plates

    Are you even old enough to drive?
  17. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    This was a bit of a strange thread to hijack, but in conclusion, Audi and Lexus drivers be aware - no real surprise! Back on topic, I would love a go in a GR Yaris, very popular in the U.K. but I have heard it could do with adaptive suspension 😆
  18. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    We should start a poll, most of the reply’s here are people using it as a daily, no doubt it varies by region 😉 We all have different fleets/needs, but the whole premise of a hot hatch is affordable performance matched with practicality. If I didn’t need occasional daily/family practicality...
  19. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    We’ve got a family SUV and FL5. To me, it seems like a great daily if you’re an enthusiast and want a manual. I feel like the whole purpose of this car is the handle the school run followed by a track day.
  20. Initial impressions: FL5 vs. GR Yaris vs. ND2 Miata

    Funny, I’m hearing positive feedback from U.K. owners RE daily driving capabilities, I feel like our roads can be pretty rubbish, maybe yours are even worse. Last review I watched stated it’s better at dealing with imperfections compared to the Golf R (back to back test). Having owned AMG and M...