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Search results

  1. FL5 Paint Thickness

    hello! i'm at 4k miles now with my type r and i have 0 regrets or complaints about the car so far, except paint. i'm new to hondas so i don't really know about the quality of them, but i've heard more cons than pros regarding it (especially with the 8th gen civics LOL). i've only owned lexus' up...
  2. 🤩 FL5 Type R Owner Review First Impressions! (after 270ish miles and counting)

    hello! this as of me writing this, i have owned this car for two days. a majority of the miles come from me driving home 3 hours from the dealership. i have never done anything related to reviewing cars, so i apologize if this review is ass lol. i’ll keep it short, but to the point. feel free to...