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  1. Type R owner age?

    In a few weeks 68. Still waiting for my Ruth’s Christ steak house gift certificate? Lol hope you’re enjoying your new car. My car has not moved in almost a month. I still can’t drive !
  2. Winter Tire setup

    Thank You
  3. Winter Tire setup

    They make a new model now. The DWS O6 plus. They fit the OEM rim. That’s what I have on mine at the moment even though I can’t drive my new car. Slipped and fell on the ice and broke my left knee cap in half. They were fine for light to moderate snow in the Midwest. They cost me $1200 installed...
  4. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    Congratulations and Enjoy Vevik. You worked hard for it, and deserve! Let me know how your family like it as well? I want to see if they’re ase thrilled as you are ? Lol Best
  5. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    Congratulations. Enjoy the new whip
  6. Low ball trade in offers

    Thank you for the explanation. My timeline was perfect I guess and the stars were aligned as to be able to get my type R with no problem. And as I mentioned it before to you , it helps to be 20 year friends with the GM/ part owner! He was very helpful. now I finally get the car and can’t even...
  7. Low ball trade in offers

    It was an auction called ACD or something like that. It sounded like a local dealer direct to direct. Cost the Dealer $250 to sell it. regards
  8. Low ball trade in offers

    I think it was around Oct 28th. best
  9. Low ball trade in offers

    I don’t know if you had heard about my 22 SI before I got my type R but the Dealer sent mine to a dealer auction netted me $32.5. Mine was Black with 2300 mi. Front spoiler and ceramic coated, with weather tech mats. The dealership made $1500 on the deal. This was 3 months ago ! They’re...
  10. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    Approximately how many miles is about 40%. If you only put a few thousand miles per year on , how many months then if you don’t drive it much. I have 600 miles on the car and it still shows the oil at 100% thank you
  11. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    That’s Very Kind of you. He has people asking him every day !!!!!!!!! LMAO
  12. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    Just been doing the same thing for over 50 years now. Force of habit! Good or bad ! It doesn’t hurt anything so why not ? Lol And as stated, my dealer gives me 5 for free so why not. And they will even give me Mobile 1. Thinking about dropping in a K and N Filter at the same time. For $50...
  13. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    I think if you’re talking about the free Honda service pass maintenance , it might be correct. My dealer includes 5 free oil and tire rotations on top of the service pass. I’m bringing mine in at between 1k and 1500 miles. Paying for Amsoil myself even though it’s free if you use Honda’s oil...
  14. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    I know as well, as he has helped me in the past. I just think he’s getting worn out ? Don’t you ? Kind Regards
  15. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    Just looked at my Ouija Board 😉 it says since all the illegals immigrants are heading to Canada and many others from Ny are leaving town, they have decided to ship any cars to the planet Uranus 😂 you can call your Own Honda Dealer for a true update. Not trying to give anyone a bad time, but...
  16. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    Chinese Spy Balloon, just reported it was on the way to Shanghai before it was shot down with a load of KY Jelly. Call your sales person he can tell you the same thing Aspec can. Any Honda dealer has the same computer system. with all kindness and respect. best
  17. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    I guess, Mr Trizzle, it’s time to give up trying to be honest and helpful! Unfortunately, time to give up reading this thread. best of luck to all the new owners. regards