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Search results

  1. FK8 to FL5 Interchangeable Parts

    Anyone knows if the FL5 intake pipe with the plenum fits the FK8?
  2. Spoon throttle body for FL5?

    Back to this. Let us know how it feels when you’ve gotten it fitted. :thumbsup:
  3. Spoon throttle body for FL5?

    Go ITBs for the ultimate induction sound if funds allow.
  4. Spoon throttle body for FL5?

    I don’t think it really adds power, especially not on a stock car. But I’m keen to know if it makes the throttle response sharper or feel more direct. I’ve google translated a Japanese site which shares owner’s experiences with parts and have read that they felt improvement in throttle...
  5. Spoon throttle body for FL5?

    Would be keen to hear your opinion on it. I don’t think it really adds power but more of an improvement in throttle response as it says on the website. Is there a noticeable difference without a tune with it?
  6. 2023 Civic Type R TCR Race Car Revealed 🏁

    just to make it “extra cool!” Figuratively and literally!
  7. JDM FL5 Track Test - Oil/Watch temp shown

    I was wondering if a thread like this would pop up….Just as I thought! Here’s a screenshot of a test drive event. What appears to be after about 4 laps in 32 deg weather. Coolant temp 105 deg c Oil temp 138 deg c I guess if it peaks and maintains around 100/130 mark it might be ok with...