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Search results

  1. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    Got this pipercross intake installed. Throttle response is improved, feel a little bit more torque, and sound is out of this world loud.
  2. The FL5 Civic Type R Wheel Spacer Reference Thread

    25mm all around. Oem wheels/tires. H&R Sport .8 inch all around. No rubbing under any circumstances so far.
  3. Where’s the Aero?

    What’s the details on that Evs tuning lip?
  4. Sunglass holder! Why doesn’t the R have it…

    Here’s a simple solution to the R lacking a sunglass holder..
  5. 2024 Acura Integra Type S World Premiere!

    I want a type R badge for my R like the one on the Type S steering wheel on the lower section.
  6. Metal buttons everywhere!

    Who wishes their civic was slight more upscale.. I figured it has a metal theme going on anyways. Let me know what ya think!
  7. 2024 Acura Integra Type S World Premiere!

    Let’s play guess the price. I’ll start with $47950.
  8. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    my take away is subtract 30-40 whp for pump gas results.
  9. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Things are moving fast. 407whp/429tq on Premo Fuel.
  10. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    I’m sending mines in lol. Is this to the wheels? Also my state only carry’s 92 octane , do I opt for the 91 or 93 tune?
  11. ECU Tuning options - Hondata / Ktuner / Other?

    I guess that previous shop that couldn’t extract any HP was no good… can’t wait to tune mines!
  12. Considering trading in 718 GTS 4.0 for CTR

    Sold a 911 C4S for the R. Granted I still have a 911 Gts in the stable.. if money is a factor then yeah I’d trade it in for the type R. There isn’t much anything else out there for the money that has such track prowess from the factory. I tend to buy sporty cars that can do double duty as a...
  13. Will Fk8 trunk tray fit FL5?

    But why… it’s 105 for the fl5 one.
  14. FL5 stock exhaust valve: Fuse pulled/always open - exterior sound clips

    Doing this tonight! Can’t wait. We use to do this to Bmws to disable the valves as well.
  15. 2023 Honda Civic Type R Dyno Results - Hondata FL5

    The first Fl5 tuned only made about 10whp with the boost turned up. While it gained a decent amount of torque, around 55-60 tq, it did get a broader curve over all but yeah not much for the top end unfortunately. The new turbos are very small and run out of breathe up top. Honda really...
  16. Official: 2024 Integra Type S Gets 320 HP!

    Type R = 10/10 track prowess 8/10 creature comforts Type S = 8/10 track prowess 10/10 creature comforts pick your poison
  17. Official BOOST BLUE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    Subtle touches of aggressiveness
  18. Official BOOST BLUE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    For those that are wondering. It’s lowered on H&R sport springs for the fk8/fl5 which is a .08 drop all around. 25 mm spacers all around. Zero rub on full lock or over bumps. Very aggressive flush fitment. Ride quality is dam near stock.