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Search results

  1. FL5 Type R Spoiler Painted Boost Blue

    I think it looks classy. Makes it look bigger and one less color to worrry about during matching a wheel set.
  2. Wheel rash!! Help im spiraling

    Easy fix bro. Just get someone good or sell the oem set and get some nice wheels. 18x9.5.
  3. It was fun while it lasted... (AGAIN). Another FL5 red light accident

    Car most likely ends up at auction and a smart buyer will get an FL5 for 25k.
  4. Lighter - Fl5 Type R special edition "S grade" set the recent Nurburgring record (not yet sold, will be in some European markets as LHD only)

    They remove all these things to offset the weight of the cage. Cancels out in the end, and car weighs the same as stock.
  5. PPF was supposed to minimize chips

    No, they usually don't. This was recent exanple at Pep Boys changing my tires in my Accord 2.0T 6 speed. They lifted it incorrectly.
  6. PPF was supposed to minimize chips

    Cars get damaged at shops. Has happened to me numerous times. The space is tight, you have people leaning into the car, people watching, tools going about, etc. It's a risk always when we take a car to the shop.
  7. SynthCarbon Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps + Shark Fin Antenna

    Where did you buy the shark fin from? I want to change it to white.
  8. FK8 to FL5 Interchangeable Parts

    Has anyone tried in the FL5 the Megan Racing strut brace being sold in Ebay for the FK8? Seems like an inexpensive way to get it, currently at $111.
  9. FL5 creators post chart showing 400 unit production per month planned and 20K orders received.

    There is always the lucky few. All I'm saying is that this FL5 "feels" like a more expensive car. Thus making it even harder to justify for a dealer letting it go at retail.
  10. FL5 creators post chart showing 400 unit production per month planned and 20K orders received.

    This car will never be an msrp car. I bought one a few weeks ago and the car is just at another level of brilliantness. Something about the FL5 that feels special. It is no doubt an incredibly well built machine. Feels much more expensive and another level to my GR.
  11. Japanese Market Info: 2023 Civic Type R Ordering, Production Volume, Deliveries

    I bought my car in Newport, RI and I don't see it on the tracker. My car is 02999. does this mean there are at least 2999 made globally or to the US? I wasn't sure if that number meant global supply. Read in a post that only 546 were made.