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Search results

  1. Haters

    it happens me too try a dent removal and buy scratch paint send me fotos to see if reparable with out paint.
  2. FL5 Type R Spoiler Painted Boost Blue

    the color match but i prefer black or wrap it
  3. Wheel rash!! Help im spiraling

    the color is satin black
  4. FL5 Wheels for sale?

    i need one fl5 wheel to buy if anyone consider selling contact me please
  5. What is the best color in FL5?

    Sonic gray for me is the [email protected] follow me
  6. FL5 vs FK8

    i have both fl5 is amazing and funniest car to drive
  7. Chips in the paint consecuense of landscaping.

    I was driving the car and see the workers and hear a rock hit my car.
  8. Chips in the paint consecuense of landscaping.

    i drove my car to the gas station and see a landscaping workers and hit the door.🥲🥲
  9. What imperfection you see in the FL5?

    I see many imperfection under the rear spoiler in the trunk area probable a manufacturer problem.